05/10/21 | originally published in zooplus.de

The best food

I have been feeding this for 2 months and my dog has never enjoyed dry food more. Output is very good too!

03/17/21 | originally published in zooplus.de

Good food

The first cold pressed food that both of my dogs have liked - and I have tried plenty, all of which ended up in foodsharing, where I hope it made other dogs happy. Digestion is great, output too - I feed it 3 times a week for breakfast. In the evenings they get Lukullus wet food. And in case anyone was wondering: Ellie, 11, Pitbull/Border Collie Mix (with allergies) and Minni, 11, Chihuahua/Jack Russel Mix (IBS)

02/21/21 | originally published in zooplus.nl

Top food

Our dogs love this kibble. It's a good quality kibble that you don't have to feed much of. They do really well on it, nice clean eyes, coat looks good and the stool is nice and firm.

02/14/21 | originally published in zooplus.es

She loves it.

1 year old dog. I've been feeding natural, cold pressed food since she was seven months old. I alternate between this one and Marcus Muhler and she loves it. You have to stick to the recommended dosage, and even though it doesn't seem like a lot it's enough. Beautiful coat and a happy doggie. 10/10


LA référence

Our Mango eats this food with pleasure every single time. We alternate it with a pate from the same brand. High quality products. Our dog is in perfect health and always enjoys her meals.



Even my picky dog eats it. He tried other flavors of Lukullus and other brands, but he likes this one the best. Compressed, heavy feed ideal for fussy eaters, because in the bowl there is less food, but he's holding his weight just fine. I order it alternately with another food (lamb, sweet potatoes with mint from another company). These two are the only ones my picky dog eats ...


Great quality food

I feed this food to all of my Dogs Hettie an English Setter 5 years old Molly Cocker Spaniel 5 years old and Milo a Maltese x 10 years old , they have Lukullus mixed with Quality wet food , they all love this food, Hettie and Milo have sensitive tummy’s but have no issues with food it’s fabulous!

03/31/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

Great food

Our elderly Labrador has had no issues with this food. It's great as a treat because it's not greasy. I will stick to it!

03/11/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

Great digestibility, quality, and output

We are feeding two of our dogs with this food, soon to be all three. The food smells nice and fresh, the quality is very good by my reckoning. The dogs like it a lot too, they get a lot out of it and are more full than they used to be. Their fur is glowing and wonderfully soft, the dogs are healthy as can be. They poo a lot less now as well.

03/06/20 | originally published in zooplus.it

Lukullus, excellent food

my dog is crazy about it! I have to pay attention to the quantity because I would not want him to get fat, in fact I tend to give much less, as I also use the food outside, as a reward. The only worry is that I noticed that he pees a lot more and I would not want the cause to be this food, I'll hear from the vet soon!



Recommended, my Shepherd loves it

01/23/20 | originally published in zooplus.it


My two mestizos Lisa and Brick used to only eat dry food if it was sprinkled with Parmesan or soaked in broth. When they saw this I didn't need to add anything!

08/05/19 | J Nethell

Not good

Bought this for my dog, had to throw it away as she's having the runs, it gives her a very bad tummy, vet advised to totally avoid this product, £30 worth in the bin

10/29/18 | Kat Smith


I have three dogs, one can be very fussy and all three have stomach problems, they are always super excited for food now, as opposed to their old kibble that they'd just saunter over to. They're all in wonderful condition and now have a wonderful shine to their coat - will be sticking on this!

10/09/17 | Eva

Questionable ingredient in the mix

I'm glad I bought the trial pack as my dog doesn't like this food very much. His stools are firm, which could be due to the presence of alumina (4th smallest ingredient on the packet, on the website listed as 'clay', found in foodstuffs as a contaminant from food processing), known to cause constipation. Shame, as otherwise the food seems good quality.

03/16/17 | Mark

Good for my itchy skin dog

Have tried a number of wheat free foods for my victorian bulldog who has a number of food allergies that flare up and make him itch his skin. This food has made a noticeable difference. Just be careful on food size as I found one cup of this weighs as much of two of other food I have used. So weigh amount before feeding first time. Highly recommend.


Love this food!

The dogs adore the taste of this food, the sack arrived this morning and they were trying to get into it before i could even put it in their bowls. I love how it has a very minimal grain content with the only grain in it being a little bit of rice. its mostly lamb, duck and potatoes. Its hypoallergenic with a good meat content and great for dogs with allergies or sensitive bellies :) All of my dogs love it, from my tiny terrier to my lurcher and i use it as training treats for my parents dogs!

11/29/15 | Janet R

Eats up at last!

Had our rescue Galgo almost 2 years now. For the first year we tried him on all sorts of high end kibble, but he was clearly not happy with what he was fed. After much research we discovered cold pressed dog food & after various trials of all brands available in the UK, he settled for Lukullus Barbary Duck & Lamb. He's on his 4th bag. We've tried alternating with another cold pressed brand, but he makes it clear where his preference lies. Thanks Zooplus for great bargains & excellent service

05/03/15 | Alison Grainger

delicious dog favourite

The dogs love it and it is excellent nutrition.

05/03/15 | Inga

Love it

My border collie love it, :)

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