05/31/22 | Nikki


I prefer fish varieties to heavy meats for my dogs and particularly good for dogs with sensitive tummy’s. If you don’t want to feed raw then this is the next best thing and equally much better than feeding traditional kibble that just swells up. Sadly the chicken and salmon is now really hard to get hold of and I’m reluctant to feed the stronger meat varieties. So having settled my rescue on this food, helped a skin condition he arrived with and given him a healthy weight it’s not available.

12/12/19 | Sam


My chihuahuas all love this

05/03/18 | Paula

Great food

My two American Bulldogs are very sensitive and fussy I have tried on other kibble but didn't agree after researching I decided to give it a go and I'm pleased I did they have been great on this food.

11/07/17 | Pamela Bray

So Pleased

I have been feeding my 2 rescued Golden Retrievers on this product for a few years and am very pleased with the positive change in them. Their coats are in good condition now, it has sorted out weight problems but most of all their teeth have greatly improved, when we adopted them they had quite marked scaling on their teeth but now they are much improved, even the vet comments on the difference. I believe the cold pressed method is much superior to dry extruded food and have seen the proof!


Very happy with this product

Our dogs have been exclusively on this food for several years now - two previous dogs and the two present ones. It solved a sensitive tummy issue with a previous dog and I'm sure it helps with their lovely shiny coats. They love it.

02/08/17 | stewart

Great food

My German shepherds love this. Good firm stools and nice shiny coat can't recommend it enough


My dogs love this

My boxer and bullmastiff love this food. It's easy to manage their weight with it and their coats are shiny and soft.

05/11/15 | kevin porter

top quality for afair price

Our 2 Dobermanns love this food.They wereon Eden Holistic which is great but not cold pressed and £20 a bag dearer.I use Salmon oil as a supplement and my dogs eyes and coats are shining bright.Well done Lukullus.

09/21/13 | E75

Good Quality

My golden retriever loves the food and has not experienced any 'extra poo issues'. It seems that Lukullus has actually reduced the quantity and that's positive. I alternate with a different cold pressed food and Ben is thriving. His coat is shiny and healthy and he is full of energy.

04/30/13 | Matthew Hunt

Good food. Reasonable price

Concerned about the reviews on increased poop I mix this food with the chicken Orijen that my cocker was previously on. Initially she would pick all the Lukullus out of her bowl and leave the Orijen. She eats it all now, loves it and seems happy and well. Stools maybe a tad larger. The kibble is of various sizes and square shaped with two rough edges which might be a problem for smaller dogs that swallow food without chewing. Its helped stop my dog from eating too fast as she now crunches it first. Feeding guidelines puts a small amount in her bowl. Difficult to know if this is enough as she would eat all day long if she could! Still on our first sack but so far I would recommend.


Shiniest coat

My lab does have a very soft shiny coat, but this food seems to keep it in top condition. He's also very laid back contrary to most chocolate owners experience, I don't know if the food helps but I like the no additives. I also like that a small scoop twice a day is sufficient, he's just the right weight and no huge poos so not much wastage.!

09/09/12 | Alison

Mixed reviews

I tried this as it was on offer. I have 2 spaniels and a collie cross. All seem to like it and it goes down well with them. HOWEVER, I think the feeding guide is a little on the excessive side. They recommend 1.2% of your dog's weight to be fed. I fed this and they seemed to poop for England! They are producing FAR more waste than with other foods I've tried (the best being Eukanuba so far). SO I cut down the ration and the pooping is not quite so bad BUT the cocker spaniel's coat has now gone from soft and shiny to harsh and dry - along with her skin. In summation the food is reasonably priced when on special offer but it had down sides for my girls :( That's not to say it will suit millions of others but I won't be buying it again - will go back to Eukanuba - 5 star food that suits them all and means I'm not clearing the garden of poop 4 - yes FOUR times a day. Sorry Lukullus

09/07/12 | Beth

Gourmet dog food!

When they say dogs are like their owners, they are not far wrong with my border collie and I. We like lie-ins, long walks (in our waterproofs if its raining!), and good food. I have always stayed away from the dog food with high cereal content and at the cheaper end of the market as it’s a false economy. I changed to Lukullus after reading other reviews on zooplus and Suzi had become bored with the last brand. She absolutely loves this! The size of the kibble means she has to chew it before swallowing, her coat is soft and shiny, she has bounds of energy and her digestion is great. What more could a girl ask for!?

09/06/12 | David Kelly


This is the best dog food I have bought, my two dogs never get tired of it and have been on it for years? It's a really good quality product.

09/06/12 | Jennifer F

Great for treats

I got a sample bag of this food which I used as treats for my dog. He loved it. I tried switching my Alaskan Malamute onto it full time but his coat became a bit dry, almost brittle. I switched him back to his old food after one bag but still keep a small bag around for treats. It didn't quite suit my boy, but he loves the taste and I like the ingredient list.

03/05/12 | andreas Evangelou

Great food

After extensive research on dog food I came across Lukullus. This food has great ingredients which are good for my dogs and they love it. The price is very good too for a quality dog food. I highly recommend.

12/05/11 | Pauline Hage

Super Food

I have recently changed my Border Collies from burns Alert to Lukullus Chicken & Northern Wild Salmon because one of my boys was very thin. Although they were in excellent condition before, since changing to Lukullus I have never seen my dogs look so good. Kipper's harsh coat is now soft and very shiney, and although he is a tricolour the black is as dark as a black and white. My only problem they poo for England. I think I may be feeding too much so I will cut them down a bit, and see how it goes.

10/17/11 | Ruth Hermann

very easy to digest

Just like the wet Lukullus food, my dogs (a dachshund, boxer and a labrador) have no problems digesting this dry food. Nice one!

01/03/11 | Val

Great food for all breeds!

I have four Irish Setters & a Cocker Spaniel and they all love this food. I previously fed them all on Orijen but it made them put too much weight on. I changed to Acana but it has become so expensive to feed five dogs on that I decided to try this one after looking carefully at the ingredients. I must say my dogs seem to enjoy this food better than the previous brands.

12/01/10 | Agata

The food with a difference

My dog (Border Collie) has always had quite sensitive stomach and been underweight. I tried several brands of kibbles, with grains, without grains, holistic, hypoallergenic, and there was no change. Three weeks ago I started him on Lukullus and he is doing great! The poops are small and solid, he already put on some weight and he absolutely loves this food. I think this may be due to the process of making it. In the future I will try other cold-pressed foods but for now he is gonna eat Lukullus.