Smell Awful

My dog loved these bones, unfortunately the absolute disgusting smell and the awful mess they made, we threw them away. I would only recommend if you aren't bothered by the smell or mess! It isn't just a smell that goes when the bone is finished, it lingers for ages. Windows wide open, carpet shampoo and dog bedding in the wash and I could still smell it.
02/08/21 | originally published in zooplus.de

Long-lasting chew

Our dog loves these chew bones and they last him a long time as well. He won't go near the ones without filling, but he loves these ones and spends a long time with them.

Great way to keep busy

Our American Staffie treats this bone as if it were a toy, and it lasts her several days. She gnaws on it when I'm a little busy and it keeps her happy when I can't give her attention!

Our dog loves it

It's his favourite chew.
08/07/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

5 stars from our dog

Our Dachshund and Border Collie Mix both love these bones. The smell is a bit off-putting if they are chewing on the bone right next to you, but I can live with it.
08/05/20 | Gayle Warwick

A very fussy Lady!

This little fuss pot loves these bones. She will not touch other Raw hide bones so delighted she loves these and they last her ages which is a bonus as she normally can demolish chews within 30 minutes so she is entertained for that little bit longer... Result! Will definitely buy again :)
06/26/20 | Karen Young

Never known my dogs so quiet

was a bit dubious about these but ordered them on the off chance as they're different to other chews. OMG my dogs absolutely LOVE them. Will definitely order more when these have all gone.

A bit too big

...for my 6kg dog, or maybe it's just not tasty enough for her. One end of the bone is gone, but all she does now is hide the rest.

My dog loves them

Great and seemingly very tasty product :) The only bad thing is that the bone is gone in half an hour or less.
05/11/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

Amazing and tasty bones

My dogs love eating these bones

Daily essential

My 11 year old dog hasn't liked bones for a long time now. But since I ordered these chew bones with pizzle filling she comes and asks for one every day without fail! Strongly recommend!!!
08/05/18 | Adam

Dogs LOVE them

I have 2 labs and 2 Jack Russells, and they all love these chews. Keep them busy for ages. They stink, but that’s a good thing to dogs lol
09/11/17 | Tina

Dog loves these

These are such a favourite with my cockapoo. They keep him out of mischief for a while.
05/03/15 | Lou

Keeps them from eating your sofa !

Love these bones for my dogs as they last for ages and you haven't got the worry of broken bone splinters, they saved my sofa's, slippers, shoes, table legs, rug's etc etc life !


These are great and keep my Rottie busy for ages. I'd recommended them to anyone with a dog who loves to chew.

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