11/14/21 | Kevin John Duffy

A lot of good stuff!

Cans are so full the contents start oozing out the moment you break the seal! My old girl has a sensitive tummy and this seems so rich I was concerned it might be too much for her, but she eats every last drop and seems to thrive on this. I mash it a bit with a fork to make it more paste like as my cat prefers this texture. Strong smell, but less than some others we have tried and the smell doesn't seem to 'linger' like some others can. I am back for more!

11/10/21 | Nicky

Good stuff!

I got this to trial as my elderly female has developed a sensitive digestion in her old age. It has proved to be a winner for both her and her slightly younger brother, so relieved to have found something that they like (and does not upset their tummies). About to reorder :)

09/04/21 | Isabel

All of my cats love this

I have 4 cats who are picky eaters but they all love this food. I love that it doesn't have any added sugar like cheaper brands and that meat is the main ingredient. Much better for our little carnivores!