02/08/22 | Val Hammond

unhappy kitten

My kitten (feral) would not even touch this food looked at me as if i was trying to poison her

08/19/21 | shelagh

Feral kittens

A cat we feed (who is a stray) decided to adopt us, then one day 3 weeks ago she brought her 3 kittens with her too - on an order I was already placing I got SMILLA Kitten food as well, needless to say it was accepted and the bowls were clean the kittens are putting on weight, looking healthy too

01/05/21 | Cherie Rayner

Good meaty kitten food

My six 12 week old kittens love the chicken flavours. Good solid food with a high meat content. Not bulked out with jelly. Smells like corned beef and similar consistency. I alternate this with Feringa turkey, and mix with Smilla dry kitten food. All bowls get licked clean and no upset tummies either. Very affordable too.


Strong smell

My 12 week old kitten likes it ok, but he much prefers Feringa Kitten. The smell is very strong.

02/24/20 | happy 12

its okay

have four cats only the youngest kitten liked the food,


Vomit inducing

Chicken flavoured - One kitten likes it. The other eats it then vomits it all back up within about ten minutes. Overall, a suboptimal product.


Very strong smell

Food seems decent enough however smells very strong. Once the cans open you will smell it all over the house. Kitten ate it but very slowly and reluctantly. As i cant give 3.5 stars I'm giving it 3 based on my experience as its still better than the supermarket stuff thats full of grains and sugar



Our kitten loves Smilla kitten food!

05/26/19 | Paulina

Good food

My picky cat won't go near it unfortunately, but the ingredients are good

08/29/18 | Ania

neither of my kittens will touch it

I bought a 6 pack of cans to try with my kittens who can be quite fussy with their food and neither of them will touch it! in fact, one of them when he sniffs it starts moving his front paws as if he was digging in the litter tray trying to cover his waste. not sure what's in this food, but my kitten thinks he needs to bury it!


Good quality and value for money!

My sphynx kitten really likes it - I also buy Animonda Carny kitten food that's in the same format. My kitten won't eat food in pouches (just licks off the gravy or jelly) and I find tinned is better quality! I have tried both chicken and veal, and the chicken is definitely the favourite.


Good ingredients / high meat content

This is a great food for a kitten with a high meat content and good ingredients in comparison with other cheaper brands. It gave my kitten dihorrea sadly so I gave it away as told by the Zooplus customer service team who were very efficient and fast in solving my query - Thank you! I will continue to shop from Zooplus as they do have a wide range of other brilliant quality pet foods at great prices :-)


Smilla Kitten 6 × 200g

Our girls are nearly 4 months old and they both love Smilla - no problems with digestion either!


They love Smilla Kitten

Our British Shorthair kitten (10 months old) and Maine Coon kitten (14 weeks old) both enjoy the Smilla Kitten flavours and have no tummy troubles

06/27/16 | James-Forbes

Good for Persians

I struggled to get a wet food for my 4 month old persian kittens that didn't soak and stain their fur with gravy/jelly when eating, Smilla and animonda carny have been the best but the kittens prefer Smilla. Looks like real meat and even though its pate has some meaty chunks mixed in for the kittens to chew on. Very economic, 1 can between 2 kittens (plus a few treats) a day and they seem genuinely satisfied.

01/26/16 | Jelena

Very good

My kitten loves it. I only wish it would be made in 100g or even 50g tins as my kitten can't eat it all during the day and it can't be stored once opened longer then 24 hours.

08/27/15 | Bunny Bailey

Kitten loves it!

I've been feeding all my kitties Smilla for a while now so thought I would carry that on with my new kitten, she absolutely loves it and has had no problems at all. :)

08/06/15 | Morgana

My Kitties Love It!

My kitties really like this wet food. Normally they will not eat the same wet food 2 times in a row. But this food they are happy enough eating it 2+ times in a row. I got the chicken and they really like it. I have since placed a order for the larger packs but it's the mixed packs so they get a little something different. I feel I must state I do feed my cats a mix of wet and dry feed every day and this seems to be their favorite wet food. I will keep buying this wet food until either it is no longer made or my cats tire of it. Hoping it's the first one tho!

04/15/15 | Lesley

Fussy Kittens Love it

We adopted two 11 week old brother kittens from a animal shelter. They didn't provide us with any food for them to eat. We tried the kittens on Whiskers Kitten and Pet's at Home own brand kitten food however they just licked the jelly off the meat and then turned their noses up at the rest of it. After reading some reviews we decided to try Smilla. They absolutely love it. The meat is soft and is ground really small so it is not difficult for little kittens to eat. They seem to prefer the chicken to the veal. They have flourished after only a few day eating it, their coats are shiny and they are really active. Their toilet visits are also a lot better and they don't smell half as much as they used to. I would recommend this to anyone who has a kitten under 4 months old.

03/19/15 | Laura K

Persevere! He loves it now.

My kitten was eating 3 x felix kitten pouches a day which was expensive and he had the most horrible smelling trumps and poos. When I switched to smilla we had two horrible days of him walking around meowing (he was still eating his dry food) as he wanted his pouches. He now loves his smilla and you can see it is real meat from the bits you can see in it. He has a whole can a day and it is much better quality and value.