Made my cat sick!

She threw it back up 5mins after eating. Other cat wasn't impressed and left it. Neither would eat it again so donated 5 cans to charity.
03/17/22 | Jess st

Add water and happy cats

Took the cats a while to get used to this but I would add warm water and even the cat who only eats the gravy or jelly polishes this off.
01/11/22 | ELS

High paws from us again

One happy cat here again. 🐾I had to buy more to re stock up as my cat loves all varieties and running out fast , she will not eat supermarket food now.
11/18/21 | Magda

Not nice

Not nice my cat don’t want it. And the pictures is of 400 g tin which I expected but it was sent 200g. It’s easy to make a mistake. Disappointed.
11/01/21 | ELS

High paws from us

Why so many negative reviews? My girl cat loves all flavours and wants double helpings by meowing at the kids to feed her!! will be buying again very soon

Met with contempt and huge disappointment

I had stupidly forgotten that my previous generation of cats would not touch Smilla - i have no idea why, whether it's taste or texture, but several of the similarly textured own Zooplus exclusive brands - Feringa, Wild Freedom WET (they adore the dry) are avoided as though they were poison. My present generation greeted their bowl of Smilla similarly. The contents of the bowls,ended up being scraped into the compost bin. Perhaps a stray cat or fox will eat this. ALL my rescues said 'NO WAY'
12/07/20 | Jayne Davies

My cats will not eat it!

Oh dear- I was hoping that my two would love this, but NO they refused to eat it. The local foxes like it though. I've given the rest of my bumper pack to the local food bank, so hopefully other cats will like it.

Feral cats all love it.

I have no idea why there are so many bad reviews for this food, I've been buying this for a feral family for over three years and they love this stuff , so do the hedgehogs, the magpies and the robins. The 24 tin value pack of 400 grams is the best buy I think, and favourite flavour seems to be poultry hearts with fish, followed by poultry hearts with lamb. I don't recommend the tuna tins though, they don't seem to like that much.

Smells Bad

Smells really bad, like super meat, and my cats scrape at the dish like they're covering a litter box offering. Into the bin.
04/28/20 | Tara

So Disapointing!

All 4 of my cats, wouldn’t even try it. Now this is bad because my latest feral rescue will literally eat anything, and I mean anything. I’m very disappointed as it’s very clear there’s something not good about this, especially as it reads a quality brand & ingredients. All my order will be going to the cat rescue - let’s hope they eat it..
04/09/20 | Caroline


None of my 3 big cats want to eat it, at all. And my two 18mth old rexes got sick from eating it. Get this off your site Zooplus, it’s clearly not a winner.

Oh dear. Not a paws-up

I ordered this as I'm trying to find not-too-expensive wet food for my 2 not-very-fussy cats. Sadly, 1 of them wouldn't touch more than a mouthful and the other walked out of the kitchen. I hadn't realised it was 'totally solid' food (a bit like Wild Freedom), and it seems my cats won't tolerate the texture or smell (it's very strong - Poultry Pot variety). 5 remaining tins are all going to the local Cats Rescue now.

My cats won't touch it.

Initially the cats ate this so stupidly I bought enough to fill the back end of our garage. After the first couple of tins, they won't touch it now unfortunately. On the upside, our friendly garden fox loves it.
02/02/19 | Mary

They LOVE this!

Smilla food has always gone down well with the kittens and mature cats in this house. I mix it with supermarket brands sometimes to make it all go a litttle further. The cats seem to find this version of supermarket food FAR more appealing! I had to re-home the kittens and a couple went to a lovely rescue home (warmer than my home!). They received so many compliments about their shiny coats and healthy demeanour. I gave them the best start I could. Thanks Smilla.
01/16/19 | ELS

Great food paws up

My female dsh cant get enough of this tin food she loves all varieties. Also likes the Smilla biscuits , i left the bag out big mistakes as she bit it and ate loads!! No more help your self in this house so had to put her food in a big plastic box!!
04/15/18 | Jan Callow

Five out of Five Cats

Five out of five cats wont touch it. Not the most successful of purchases :(

No cigar

Looked good, the price right, we put it in the bowl... and the little devil wouldn't do more than sniff it.Then howled every time after, till I gave in and fed him his usual. Food went to the shelter, maybe they'll have better luck than we did.

Not very impressed

both kittens seem to have gone off this at the same time. Tolerated it to start with but now won't touch it even when they're hungry ..
01/26/18 | Eva

Ragdolls love it, Persian just ok

The tender chicken tins go down better, and they all seem to love the tuna and sardine tins. They are not as dry as the tuna only ones. I rotate tins randomly with other 3 wet food brands, so that I won't be stuck when they stop eating one for some strange reason we humans will never get.

Nice for a snack

My cat loves this. It is quite dry so you should add water to it when you serve it (I always add water to my cat's food anyway). My cat is very fussy and gets bored easily so I only feed him a little of this every now and then.

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