01/11/22 | Ire

My cat throwing up for hours

Got this brand for the first time and my female cat is feeling well after. She has been throwing up for more than 4 hours now. This has never happened before with other food.

03/05/20 | Fran

Great value for the quality!

I ordered this for the stray cats I regularly feed so I wanted something reasonably cheap but better quality than the high street brands. The reviews for this range looked very promising so I got the Chicken + Lamb and it was even better than expected! The texture is good, you can see individual pieces of meat, and it smells wholesome. Our own cats tried it too and preferred it over a more expensive brand so this is definitely going to be a regular in my orders from now on!

01/29/20 | Dewi Astuti

Product/recipe change?

My two cats used to like it very much. However, since the change of appearance, one of my cat refuse to eat it!. I wonder if they change the recipe?.

06/08/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

Well digested and tasty

Both of my 12 week old cats like Smilla a lot, and they're digesting it mostly fine. The little boy did throw up a little bit of the Poultry Pot with Poultry Hearts, but the others have all been great.


My 3 cats love Smilla!!!

My three cats love boxes smilla poultry & beef and poultry & poultry heart, they like the other ones a bit less though. The boxes are 200g for 3 cats, might be better if there were also 100g boxes for smaller appetites.

01/31/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

My farm cat loves this...

... but my other big cat doesn't like it at all. It seems to be great food though and fantastic value for money. The packaging could be clearer, so minus 1 star for that.


Smilla Poultry Pot with Fish

My cat Shady has always loved Animonda Carny I tried her for the first time with Smilla and she loves it. She's quite fussy and doesn't eat every food you give her. Smilla smells good, actually better than the Animonda Carny stuff, and looks good too. No sugar or grains is also a plus for us. If she keeps being this happy with it, I'll definitely keep buying this in the future.

02/29/12 | Dermot Mc

Good quality and value

My tom cat loved the poultry pots and preferred them over the fish pots. I think he got too used to eating the tunafish as part of fish pots and never always finished it. Didn't get bored of these through!

12/08/10 | LS

Not a hit with my boys

My two ragdolls are sensitive to many foods and I thought this one would be a good one to try having read some positive reports on a pet forum. Sadly though, they stubbornly refuse to go near it at all! A shame really, I think it looks great, a bit like corned beef. Silly ragdolls, and more fool them. Am going to order some Bozita now and try them on that.