06/07/21 | Elle

My cats love these!

I have 6, varying in ages between 2 and 9. They all absolutely love these. My eldest never really fuses over treats, but she can’t eat these quickly enough! Highly recommend.


Very good value

My cats love these good value treats I mix with different dental care products for variety.

09/09/20 | Yvonne Walker

Can Kittens Eat These

My adult cat loves them and I just need to know can my kitten who is 10 weeks have them as can’t find anything on when cats can start having them thank you 😻


Both cats seemed to enjoy these snacks

Both our cats, enjoyed these. They can be a little fussy so pleased this wasn't the case here

05/04/20 | Elizabeth Riddle

Kitty loves them

My cat loves these! She goes crazy for them. We use them as treats rather than mixing with her food. Can’t say much about whether they are helping her teeth though

08/21/19 | Nicola Bevis


My cats love these, much cheaper than the branded treats.

07/20/19 | Paul Corrigan

Can't get enough

I have to limit what I give them. My two Bengals would genuinely eat the lot between them in one go!

04/24/19 | Abbie

Cats come running !

As soon as I opened the tub two of my cats came running over and were begging for a treat ! Larger than expected size tub, only slight downside I have is that they are quite little, so half the time the cats don't even take time to chew them ! Other than that, a great buy!

03/23/19 | Anon

Cat Loves them

And they're good for our cats teeth, would buy again. However the package arrived 3/4 full as the pot was busted open by the other contents of the package (there was no scrunched up packaging paper to keep the objects in one place. Packaging in general seems to be a problem for this company I've noticed so I will report it to customer services.

03/28/18 | Jane

Cat loves

Cat loves these as much if not more than Dreamies. She tends to swallow Dreamies whole, but these she has to crunch.

02/12/18 | fudge


firm favourite with my cat at 2.00am in the morning....

12/01/17 | Suzanne Davis

Smilla Toothies

All 8 cats love these as a treat, very popular


They just love these

I have 3 cats, and they just love tootsies. As soon as you pick up the box they are by your feet. I have to store them where one of them can't get to them as he loves them so much, seeks them out and tries to chew through the container to get them. Would kingly recommend them, so much so that gave two boxes to work colleagues for their cats to try. They loved them too. Would highly recommend

02/05/17 | Carole Lorenz

My cats come running for these.

My cats love these and I use them as treats giving a few each day and they are good for their teeth too.. The cats create havoc when left in the living room alone as they bite all the wires and get behind the tv . All I need to do is shake the box of toothies and they come running out of the living room then I can shut the door behind them.Unfortunately one cat has learned now to open door herself!

01/03/17 | joanne cooper

best treats

All 3 of my cats love these treats they all have amazing clean teeth,they all go crazy when we get the tub out just the sound of them in secs they r waiting looking if 2 say well hurry up i like the way the tubs are recloseable 2 keep them fresh great size tubs has well just hope u dont stop selling these other wise im gonna have 3 unhappy cats 🐱🐱🐱


Cats go crazy for these!

Got some of these the other day and my two go absolutely mad for them - more than Dreamies! Not full of the crap thats in Dreamies either which I much prefer :)

06/13/16 | Lilla Dydyk

Super Snacks

The minute I opened the pack, my boy Sam was very interested. Every day he's keen to eat these, will paw me if he thinks I'm being too slow handing them out (he won't chew each one if I put them on a dish) I feel good giving him these as the ingredients are natural, have herbs and I imagine they're doing his body a good thing.

11/04/15 | Katy

Popular treat

My cat loves these little treats and wolfs them down. So much for the shape supposed to encourage crunching, they barely touch the sides! My cat also loves Dreamies and Whiskas Temptations but won't even touch Tigeria brand treats (cheese ones, heart ones and sticks). She knows what she likes!

02/12/15 | originally published in zooplus.fr

Jean-Minou Seal of Approval!

I've been giving my cats these treats for a long time and they all love them, the youngest, Jean-Minou is no exception: he devours them greedily! One negative point however. I placed a big order and the fragile Smilla Toothies boxed was crushed by the heavy boxes. I had to repackage the many small pieces into a box of tupperware, which was slightly annoying. The packaging of orders needs to be looked at !!!

09/24/14 | originally published in zooplus.fr


I bought a little box to try out this product, and my little Ippo loved these treats. It really works too, she always chews them well before swallowing.