11/23/21 | Tico


Bought the biggest size bag recently as my cats love this ! Ideal for my bsh as it's lovely big chunks and helps clean his teeth as he crunches it , but my little dsh runs to the bowl when he sees I'm putting this out , he adores it too even though he's smaller :)

09/22/20 | Natalie Morten

maine coon loves it

my maine coon boy was swallowing smaller kibble whole so transferred him onto this, so glad I did as he is now eating slower and crunching on it

09/15/20 | Flora Day

Great for Ragdolls

2 ragdolls who used to bolt their food - now significantly slower eating and they absolutely love it


Excellent good quality cat food

Great for cats who swallow smaller kibble whole! Really helped with dental health in lazy Maine Coon

12/09/19 | Tina

Perfect size for my bsh

My girls love this stuff.i went for xxl kibble which is a similar size to royal canine for bsh adult but a fraction of the cost.if my girls are happy than so am I 😻😺😽

06/14/18 | nicky martin

maine coon heaven

tried so many brands,5 maine coons love this,makes them chew,great coat looking excellent all round,also try the smilla wet food mine love the fish and a great size tin available for 5 forget the brands shown in the vets ...up set tummies weight loss and way over priced ...this brand all the way for our pride of big cats lol.

07/28/17 | Steve

Miracle biscuits

A perfect size our cats were swallowing the smaller biscuits and bringing them straight up again not good for the carpets because of the size of the kibbles this :does not happen ,excellent quality food exceptional value for money.

08/31/16 | LJ

Fantastic cat food better than the pricier ones

As a hobby breeder of British Shorthair cats, I have tried and tested all the top brands to name a few : Science plan, Royal Canin, Eukanuba and so on, and despite using these for years my cats never seemed completely happy and with an offer for smilla XXL I thought why not try it especially since the size of the biscuits is similar to royal canin's british shorthair biscuits! turned out my cats all adore this food, they will eat every little crumb left of this food. Try it A+!

10/08/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

Very happy

All my cats love this and it agrees with them all. Great value for money as well!

09/17/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

Super for big cats

Snoopy, my Norwegian Forest Cat, now has something to get his teeth into. It tastes as good as other Smillas. I just wish there were more Smilla varieties in XXL kibble.

09/16/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

Really good

No more dry food which is swallowed in one piece. My cat now has to CHEW again! Excellent value for money as well.

09/09/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

I recommend it

I really recommend this XL kibble. It's great for all large cat breeds and also for bigger cats who like their food too much. It's great that they have to chew on the food and it means they eat more slowly.