09/22/20 | originally published in zooplus.ie

maine coon loves it

my maine coon boy was swallowing smaller kibble whole so transferred him onto this, so glad I did as he is now eating slower and crunching on it


Cats love it

I bought this for one of my cats as he was having urinary issues and now he won't eat any other biscuits. My others like it too

09/15/20 | originally published in zooplus.ie

Great for Ragdolls

2 ragdolls who used to bolt their food - now significantly slower eating and they absolutely love it

08/23/20 | originally published in zooplus.ie

Spoilt Old Cat

Since first introduced to product, refuses to eat anything else

05/18/20 | originally published in zooplus.ie


My cat LOVES these things, and they love his insides. So much better than hills & the like. Great value, and apparently very tasty


Excellent good quality cat food

Great for cats who swallow smaller kibble whole! Really helped with dental health in lazy Maine Coon

03/30/17 | Joe Banks

Well worth it...

I've got two very fussy Ragdoll cats and they both love this food, I've tried very much higher price brands and they seem to pick or arn' t interested in it, always an empty bowl when I feed them, good stuff

08/15/14 | K. Shwenn

6 Cats Adore It!

I Ordered This For My 6 Cats & They Adore It :-) A Couple Of Them Are Fussy Eaters. They Don't Hesitate To Eat This Food Which Is A Great Compliment! Highly Recommended. Great Price Too :)

04/30/13 | Emma Goss

Cats love it and so do their teeth.

Bought this and was a little sceptical as i thought the 'nuggets' would be too large for my cats. No need to worry as they have no problem crunching away. Even better.. a recent visit to the vets by my 10 year old cat ended with a compliment on how good his teeth are looking. Those little 'nuggets' must be doing the job :-)

09/27/12 | Josephine jones


had a delivery today, couldn't stop laughing, the cats sniffed the packaging new it was smilla, I could see the excitement, needless when the 5 cats gave me the room, I was able to feed them, and all gone in a flash, mine love the fish pot, but what I'm pleased about is the price, and the service from this company, great service from ordering and to the delivery people first class

08/29/12 | Leiann Webster

Loved by all my cats

My 5 cats are all very different and trying to get them a quality dry food that they all like can be a nightmare. It was costing us a small fortune! Then I discovered Smilla. Wasn't sure at first as it was an unknown brand to me, but my cats absolutely love the kibbles & they are thriving on it. The price is amazing too! Cannot recommend the food enough!! :-)

12/22/11 | Louise K.

My cat adores this dried

Being a Smilla tinned fan through and through, thought I'd give my cats the dried multi flavoured selection a try, now it's a repeat purchase. My white 4 year old male Monty goes crackers for it, (both cats love it when their zooplus delivery arrives, they jump in the box) Best of all, Monty is a very active cat and has a hearty appetite, Smilla dried satisfies him so much, just don't forget the water to hand all the time- Monty likes to drink him from the bath tap. What I like best about the vaierty pack is I know they are eating different tastes and I still can't work out which mine like best as they eat all with equal gusto.

12/06/11 | Karen Armstrong

Claude the Smilla thief.

I order Smilla for my Mother's cat Claude, and always meant to tell you how much he loves it. My Mum occasionally leaves the bag on the table and it doesn't take long for Claude to "suss it out", in goes the paw as far as he can get it into the bag, he starts picking out individual pieces of Smilla and eats it out of his paw, then after a while the bag gets tipped onto the floor so that a bigger portion falls on the floor and he happily crunches away. He almost never eats wet food now, preferring to crunch on Smilla instead. Highly recommended.

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