11/14/21 | Buster the Bear

Cat & Hedgehogs Love Them

Not only do our cat love this food, but so do the hedgehogs!
11/30/20 | georgia hill

Mine are doing well

One Russian and one maine coon kitten. Both doing well on it. Great price.
11/11/20 | Aga

Smilla kitten dry

Great product, my cats love it! Good price.
09/22/20 | Natalie Morten

maine coon loves it

my maine coon boy was swallowing smaller kibble whole so transferred him onto this, so glad I did as he is now eating slower and crunching on it

Cats love it

I bought this for one of my cats as he was having urinary issues and now he won't eat any other biscuits. My others like it too
09/15/20 | Flora Day

Great for Ragdolls

2 ragdolls who used to bolt their food - now significantly slower eating and they absolutely love it
08/23/20 | David L Wright

Spoilt Old Cat

Since first introduced to product, refuses to eat anything else
05/18/20 | chip


My cat LOVES these things, and they love his insides. So much better than hills & the like. Great value, and apparently very tasty

Excellent good quality cat food

Great for cats who swallow smaller kibble whole! Really helped with dental health in lazy Maine Coon

Loved by all

The kittens love this, they turn their nose up at other brands but not this one. I love it because the economy 2x 10kg option is very good value. It’s a win win situation.
12/09/19 | Tina

Perfect size for my bsh

My girls love this stuff.i went for xxl kibble which is a similar size to royal canine for bsh adult but a fraction of the cost.if my girls are happy than so am I 😻😺😽
12/16/18 | Karen James

Seven Happy, Healthy Cats

I have been using Smilla for about eight years. All my cats were brought up on Smilla Kitten, then graduated to the Adult version. They love all the flavours, but Beef is their favourite.
08/27/18 | Agnes Dall

Loved It

We bought 2 big bags, and we quickly found out that we won't be buying anymore food from another brand. It's the only food my cats don't get tired of. They prefer this to pure meat actually!
08/02/18 | Joanne Perkins

Great product

My cats love this and won't eat anything else. Finally a great value wholesome cat food that they love.
06/14/18 | nicky martin

maine coon heaven

tried so many brands,5 maine coons love this,makes them chew,great coat looking excellent all round,also try the smilla wet food mine love the fish and a great size tin available for 5 forget the brands shown in the vets ...up set tummies weight loss and way over priced ...this brand all the way for our pride of big cats lol.
05/03/18 | Matt

My cats love the food. Quick delivery like usually. Many thanks

My cats love the food. Quick delivery like usually. Many thanks
05/03/18 | Dg Chilton

My cats say yes

I have been buying Smilla beef for a long time now. Eight spoilt cats with five different flavour food to graze and it is always the beef that I have to replenish first. The cats have spoken, think they would leave home if I stopped buying Smilla beef. Recommend
09/15/17 | Fiona


Have been feeding my 4 cats with Smilla beef for couple of years, they all love it. Tried dried and wet food in every flavour, won't buy anything else now. I have 4 very different but happy and healthy cats
09/11/17 | DG Chilton

The cats say YES!

I am owned by 8 cats ranging from one year to sixteen. They have 5 different flavour dry food to choose from and the one I have to top up the most is Smilla Beef. They loved it the from the first time I bought and if it ever goes out of production I think they will all leave home! I buy this in quantity every month and have done for the past couple years. Highly recommend.

My 3 cats love it. highly recommend

my cats love this food. they have been on it since I have them. Which is now 2 and half year. apart from treats. This is their only main food. Also delivery is very fast I would say from order to delivery 3 working days. it is brilliant.

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