Never Been So Happy To See A Poo

One of our cats is suffering with constipation which is causing her to be sick everyday and not eating as well as she used to. Been to the vets for scan and x-ray and was given liquid paraffin first and then lactulose. Told no more dry food again. Although she did poo it was 2 days later each time so I got this malt paste to see if it would help. Gave in the morning, had a poo at tea time, never been so happy to see a poo. All 3 cats love it and now going to be a daily treat for all of them.
04/24/22 | Maria Ellison


I have two really fluffy cats, a Birman and Chincilla/Birman cross. Hairballs are a regular feature in our household or were a regular feature but not now. They love the malt taste of this paste and it is a real treat for them, they love it. It is also a great way to get tablets down them. Win win all around. This will be a regular purchase for my little monsters...


I bought this for my ginger cat who has problems with hairballs, and this worked a treat. It had the added bonus that when my tortie needed to go on meds she eats this so quickly she never notices the tablet in the middle of it.
11/25/21 | Porsha


Surprisingly my cat lapped it up, will only take from my finger. I shall be buying from now on
09/27/21 | Pomme Bour

cat won't touch it

Our cat won't touch the stuff at all (even when trying to sneak it among her favourite stuff/treat, seems she'd rather starve!) - gave it to a friend at work but her two cats wont' go near it either!!
04/29/21 | Sara

A staple for our kitty

Our cat Sweet Pea is CRAZY about this paste, and gets 3 pea-sized drops on my finger each day, which she licks up in a nanosecond. Since we started using it, I have only seen one hairball this year (as opposed to several per year before).
03/20/21 | Alba

They love it!

We have 2 cat companions, they both have completely different tastes, one is extremely picky and the other one is more flexible but has IBD. We got the paste with our points on Zooplus Reward Shop to give it a try. They both love it, they eat it out of the tube! and whine when I close it. I now use it a reward after giving one of our babies her daily medication and makes the whole experience a bit more positive to her. So far NO soft poop. Will update my review if anything changes.


My cat loves it
08/27/18 | Cristina

Don't waste your money

My cat won't go near it.
06/26/18 | Shelby

Great for administering tablets

If your cat likes malt, this “Cat Paste” is a game changer for administering pills. I have 2 Ragdoll cats & 1 needs regular medication. After unsuccessful attempts of crushing tablets, mixing in with food, using a pill dispenser, & a syringe, I thought I’d found a solution with Cosma Snackies by putting the tablets inside. It was fiddly making holes in the treats & getting the pills inside, then my cat became wise & ate the treat & spat the pill out. I just need another flavour for my other cat.
03/11/18 | Dee

? Caused diarrhoea

I’ve only had my rescued long haired boy for two weeks. He’s had a variety of food but prefers dried Purina One. He’s had no bowel trouble at all until I used a pea sized amount of this on each lip (he wasn’t keen) once, and since then he’s had a very upset tummy. It may be a coincidence I know, but do be aware. Bum bath again tomorrow!
05/29/17 | Rach


Our boy was not impressed with this paste to begin with so we hid it in his food. Now he happily eats his food and doesn't leave the paste. He used to have several fur balls a month, now he'll have 1 every few months, if that. This paste is amazing. Also keeps him regular, so if your cat suffers with constipation this paste is good for that.
02/06/17 | A Bell


One of my cats LOVES this, the others only tolerate it, but in any case, it is great for fur balls and much easier to give than other brands
09/22/16 | Dawn Mckenna

Cat doesn't like it.

I can get her to take it if it's mixed in with her cat food but otherwise it's no go.
11/17/15 | Deidre


I bought this initially for my old cat who has always suffered from hairballs. This paste she loves and has cured this completely. The others have seen her enthusiasm and I now have two other cats sitting patiently waiting for their share. Better than any treat I have even bought.
04/06/15 | Sue

Cat doesn't like it.

I had high hopes after reading reviews as she gets a lot of furballs and an aid to take her tablet for over active thyroid. However she turned her nose up at it. Mind she is a fussy grumpy old cat. Passed it on to my daughter who has 4 cats so sure one of them will like it.
02/17/15 | originally published in zooplus.fr

Very good

My cat has stopped vomiting hairballs regularly since taking this paste...everything is good
08/26/14 | Kate

Good product

My cat doesn't really enjoy the smell/ taste (not sure which!) of this paste, however when I mix it in with his wet food he wolfs it down without a problem. I'm satisfied that the product is doing it's job as he seems to be coughing up less hairballs. I also gave it an extra star as the tube is massive and lasts a long time, great value for money.
07/21/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

Good for when cat is shedding

Although my cat doesn't have long hair, she seems to lose a lot when she is shedding. I'm using the malt paste to help her when she sheds. The trouble is that I tend to give her too much! She's mad for it and keeps 'asking' for more!
07/17/14 | originally published in zooplus.de

Can't get enough

Cat now has a new favourite treat :)

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