04/04/22 | billie

the best

a true Urinary cat food! when you consider ash% , ingredients & price, this is by far the best product! even compared to the leading brands ! and all my cats love it !
01/09/22 | Billie-jo

Unbeatable on price and quality

Great low % of crude ash, and a fraction of the price compared to vet recommended brands
01/04/22 | Becky

My cats love it!

My cats clearly think it tastes nice as those who aren't on the urinary diet practically try to bite my hand off to get some so now all of them have will be on it. 3 of my 5 cats suffer or have suffered from FLUTD in their lives including one sadly passing away. If I knew there was an affordable option for food like this I would have jumped at the chance as the vets prescription diet is practically extortion. I was using Kattovit biscuits but these Smilla biscuits come in much bigger bags!
11/23/21 | Tico


Bought the biggest size bag recently as my cats love this ! Ideal for my bsh as it's lovely big chunks and helps clean his teeth as he crunches it , but my little dsh runs to the bowl when he sees I'm putting this out , he adores it too even though he's smaller :)
11/10/21 | Luisa

Wish I'd seen this brand sooner

I bought the poultry and urinary big bags for my 5 cats. My old boy who is 16.5 years old and blind really liked the urinary biccies which he is happy to share with the 4 younger cats. They love the poultry biccies and having read the reviews I am going to try them on the beef next. I have found my cats do not throw up this brand like they did other common brands. They enjoy meal times more and will graze on the kibble during the day quite happily. Very happy with this brand
11/08/21 | Mary

Diarrhea warning

Thought this might be good for my cats. Most rejected it and the ones that did eat it got diarrhea.
10/30/21 | Paula crane

Great food

All my cats have sensitive tummies so I purchased this to see how they faired ,no vomiting no dicky tummies. Kibbles are good size not tiny but small ,it doesn't smell overpowering like a lot do ,cats love it and I can see they are happy .will definitely continue purchasing this food .
08/24/21 | Tammy


Our cat has FLUTD and has been on this food for 2 years now, we did run out and within a week of being on normal food all the symptoms returned. Whilst on this food he has had no flare ups if symptoms and it’s so much cheaper than the prescription food from the vets. Would recommend trying if your cat has similar problems.
07/16/21 | Salik Rafiq

Cat gobbles this up

Must have a good flavour because my cat gobbles this up the only thing that will distract her is tuna.
03/23/21 | Fran

Brilliant quality + value!

I first ordered this for the strays I feed, to protect them against urinary struvites, which can be very distressing and dangerous. Given the volume and the price I wasn't expecting very much of the product so when I saw the smooth, rich-looking kibble and how the cats were enthusiastically crunching their way through it, I knew I was on to a good thing! Even better, our own cat loves it too even though he's used to more expensive food, so its great to have a big bag to rely on!
02/10/21 | Alan

Our cats

Our Cats love it, and their coats fill lovely and silky smooth
10/12/20 | Natalie Morten

My cats love this

One of my cats kept being sick on food that had rice in it so changed to this and she is rarely sick now and loves it and also my other two cats like is aswell.
09/22/20 | Natalie Morten

maine coon loves it

my maine coon boy was swallowing smaller kibble whole so transferred him onto this, so glad I did as he is now eating slower and crunching on it

Cats love it

I bought this for one of my cats as he was having urinary issues and now he won't eat any other biscuits. My others like it too
09/16/20 | originally published in zooplus.de


My cats have it 2 times a week and almost inhale it.
09/15/20 | Flora Day

Great for Ragdolls

2 ragdolls who used to bolt their food - now significantly slower eating and they absolutely love it
09/08/20 | sue

Greedy sensitive cat!

I have a large Ginger tom, who scoffs food, wet or dry, but always had an issue with biscuits as would regurgitate them, shortly after digesting, after trying various things vets suggested, I took it upon myself to try grain free, just to see if it made a difference, or if he is just greedy, ordered the offer of 2 x 4k bags, to really trial it, so far so good, all round he looks far healthier, and is no longer regurgitating anything, (His sister loves them too)
08/23/20 | David L Wright

Spoilt Old Cat

Since first introduced to product, refuses to eat anything else
07/02/20 | originally published in zooplus.fr

My cats love it

You can see the premium quality straight away when you open the pouch, there are whole pieces of chicken, tuna, salmon... My cats adore it and they devour it in no time. Highly recommended.
05/18/20 | chip


My cat LOVES these things, and they love his insides. So much better than hills & the like. Great value, and apparently very tasty

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