05/01/22 | Kaya

Where it is?

Please, bring it back! It's the only food that my cat eats. He loves it!
12/17/20 | Stephanie James

Fantastic for fusspots

My fur child mish is notoriously fussy with wet food, tried her with a number of wet foods to no avail. Several other wļķķI received two free pouches of this food with an order and decided to try her with it as everything else has failed. And she loves it! Which resulted in this being her new wet food, albeit she still only wants half the pouch. Proper meat and fish/seafood. My fussy kitten also likes it.
09/09/20 | Furbabys

Brilliant food !

My female cat is very fussy this is the only food she will eat ! And no wonder why it actually looks like food , not mush , will always use as its great
09/09/20 | Furbabys

Brilliant food !

My female cat is very fussy this is the only food she will eat ! And no wonder why it actually looks like food , not mush , will always use as its great
06/21/20 | Carole Turner

Cats favourite

I have a multi cat household,the cats eat Concept for life biscuits and these tins of chicken and tuna,with other wet food from Zooplus. I only change their food rarely,as they can have upset stomachs. They absolutely love this wet food and immediately the tin is opened they’re around me. Wouldn’t change it now.
05/31/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

Love at first bite

My cats are really impressed.
05/27/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

The tuna goes down well

What can I say, the tuna is a hit at our house. The food in the tin looks and smells like tuna. Pretty clean without additives. Fab.
04/09/20 | originally published in zooplus.de

Great product

My 2 cats love this product and so do I, whole pieces of shrimp and chicken in jelly.
03/22/20 | Maverick

Tuna is a No Go

Since moving our cat onto Cosmo - it has been a relative success - but as we have been working our way through the flavours, there is one in particular she will not touch and and that is the Tuna ones. Tuna & anything she will not touch. Sadly we have had to give this to the birds despite trying to reintroduce it to her in several occasions - but no she's not having any of it. As this is not exactly cheap, I thought in common with others here, be warned about buying any of this flavour.

My cats all love this

I have grain intolerant kitties and they all adore this foor, especially the stinky liver one!
12/10/19 | Nathan

Can’t give it away!

The chicken they will eat but the tuna is a no go. My own 2 cats and 2 cats of family members won’t touch it.

Fruits and thai is great

I read someone said the fruit was great, my cats a little ** that turns his nose up at everything, expensive thrive is his fave food. Gave this fruit a shot and he actually loved it, he also liked the thai mixed pack after a bit of nose pulling on some flavours at first he eats them all. My cats still a ** but at least i'm not chucking food out now.
08/07/18 | Stefano M

Excellent product, Arthur loved it!

Arthur is normally quite fussy when it comes to trying new food but he wasn't when I fed him this food by Cosma. He smelled for a second and... ate it and loved it! Highly recommended product! I got the Tuna+crab version and I have to say that the ingredients seemed to be of very high quality. Probably I shouldn't say this but... It looked so nice that I would have had it myself ;)
02/19/18 | Honeykitty

meow madness

My two Maine Coons love this especially the Tuna. The tins are full of proper tender meat and fish and there is never any waste. As soon as I open a tin my boys are meowing as if I haven't fed them in a week!
02/02/17 | Shauna

YUMMY - Doesn't stay on the plate long!

I decided to look for alternatives to the pricey Applaws tins for my two Bengal boys and I came across Cosma Thai. I bought a trial pack initially and as soon as I opened the first tin, both of my boys were screaming the place down! If I am honest, I don't blame them. It smells yummy and you can clearly see the lovely pieces of meat in the succulent jelly! I mix in with their raw meat and they absolutely love it! Keeps my boys healthy and lean and their fur glossy and soft at a great price!!
12/20/16 | Cheryl

Four cats not interested!

Gave my four cats the tuna and crab and every one sniffed it and walked away. Even the local stray cat refused to eat it! Looks lovely but very disappointed - especially as it's not cheap. Had a little more success with the chicken and liver variety but won't purchase again.
10/31/13 | originally published in zooplus.de

They love it!

All 5 Ragdolls love it! We bought the Chicken & Tuna and will definitely buy it again. None of them had any digestive problems with it.
04/30/13 | Julie Reed

Fussy cat loves this

My cat's usual catfood (HiLife tuna flakes) was discontinued. I tried lots of alternatives to no avail and was quite worried about finding something else he'd like. SO VERY PLEASED I found this; he loves it and unlike other tiny gourmet food it's good on the pocket too. Good service from zooplus too. Thanks!
04/13/13 | originally published in zooplus.de

Just delicious!

My 6 cats would definitely say they love it! The Tuna & Crab meat flavour is their favourite, they really hoover it up. They lick their plates clean, which doesn't happen often. And now it's available in larger cans, which is perfect for my multicat house. It's very good food, with no additives or other rubbish that shouldn't be in pet food. The only shame is that it's only a supplementary cat food, not a complete food - I wish they could add the missing vitamins/minerals/taurin that are needed to make it a complete food. But apart from that, 5 stars!!!

Natural & delicious

With this food you can see what's in it - fresh meat and/or fish. It smells good and my cats love it.

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