09/15/13 | Ragni

Small pieces

I bought the xxl snacks for the second time cause my cats loved the big pieces and I didn't have to get my fingers chewed off every time LulaMae goes in for a piece. The tuna pieces were good sized, but the chicken pieces were same size as the normal size ones. The kittens love the flavour, and I'm pretty sure LulaMae is addicted... So I would definitely recommend the snackies, as they're pure meat and my kittens love, but if the next delivery of xxl contains small pieces I don't see the point in getting the xxl instead of the normal sized ones. .

08/24/13 | originally published in zooplus.de


Unfortunately I have to say that most of the snackies in my packet on XXL Chicken Snackies were just as small as in the normal packets. But my cats still love them!