Excellent but pricey

My cat is obsessed with these treats, I’m not joking since I got these she goes mental every time I open the treat drawer. She doesn’t fancy the XXL ones for some reason, so the size is also perfect for her. I spared one star just because of the price which is a bit too much for dehydrated protein basically.


Great but not their favourite...

I have 2 Siberian boys. I gave them the Cosmos chicken treats initially and they went down well. However I've now cracked open the equivalent Thrive carton and they're mad for them (slightly TOO mad in fact, I have to get my fingers out of the way at lightening speed). Strange, as they seem to be essentially the same product, and I see other reviewers have found the exact opposite!


Our cats especially love the tuna flavour!

We have 6 rescue cats and they would eat Cosma Snackies rather than their normal cat food if they had the chance! Great way of training them to do what you want them to do or is it me they are training?!

09/05/13 | Emma

Treat for one, not for the other.

Archie absolutely loves these treats (more so than any other)and will start intense purring just at the sight of the tube. Busy Bee, however,doesn't really know what to do with them and she seems to struggle to pick them up with her mouth. Once she finally masters it she doesn't seem that bothered (she prefers the Tiger Grass treats).

12/04/11 | beki

stinky dry bits!

these are so smelly!! the cats love them!!! they are on the expensive side for what you get but worth a try