This is the best of 8 different sensitive foods that I have bought for a cat with skin problems. Although the cat eats everything, he just tolerates this. But I have to give him a bit of his normal food every other day, as he won't take this constantly. There is another cat that is a rather fussy, and she eats a little bit of this from time to time, so it seems to be an acceptable product. The texture etc is very good. The jelly is a little like gravy, but it makes the food juicy.

03/27/21 | originally published in zooplus.nl

Picky cats

Our cats love the dry food from Concept for Life, so we were quite surprised that both of our Persians leave the wet food behind. They only eat the jelly, not the chunks.



My sweetheart liked it very much, I bought it as a trial first, let's see if she keeps eating it, she can be pretty fussy

10/24/20 | originally published in zoohit.cz

our Maine Coon likes the taste

We have lots of picky cats with a sensitive stomach, these pouches still taste very good to him, he doesn't leave anything in the bowl and no vomit at all. We are very satisfied so far.


Love it

At last, a sensitive cat food in jelly that is gentle on the bowel. He loves it too.



My 9 year old cat loves it, and no upset tummy!

05/18/20 | originally published in zoohit.cz

Really tasty

Our cats like the taste and tolerate the food well, while we have had some diarrhea with some even more expensive brands with jelly and sauce.


Great food

We have a large cat gang and they all enjoy this. Most importantly no upset tummies. A couple of them are a bit prone



All my cats love this, it has sorted loose tummies and picky eaters all in one swoop.


Cat loves this!

I do rotate various foods for my cat to stop her getting bored; I bought this recently & she absolutely loves it. Whilst she can be picky with some foods this one and the gravy version are gobbled up. Will definitely repurchase.