12/28/21 | suzie

Kitten loves it, pack 'faulty'

Kitten loves is, so there is no complaint on that front. It has much stronger smell than RC that he has been eating, but I understand that this one is much better quality than RC. However I am really not happy with the packaging. It is better than the 400g one, but this one is not working either. I only have a small cut and when I re-seal it and press the bag you can hear the air going out of it. I recommend to have a small cut and when you seal it press the air out and fold it and clip it.

12/15/21 | Natasha


My cat i love it


Brilliant for nursing mamma

I've tried so long and hard to transition to raw, but one cat just will not have it. So I have to find the best quality dry to go alongside a wet. When she's pregnant or with kits, this is my go to. She loves it and the ingredients aren't too bad.

03/07/21 | Suzanne Jones


We introduced this food to our 8mo old kitten as the kitten food we had been feeding her was too small a kibble and she didn't bother to chew it. We began by mixing the two and found, like others, that she would dig through and only eat the Concept for Life food. Brilliant!


Exceptional value

We have always had Roysl Canin for our Persian and Maine coon cats. Just got 2 MC kittens and this was recommended by the breeder. We transitioned from applaws kitten food, both kittens absolutely LOVE IT! Agree with other comments it is a tad smelly but not too bad. Superb value for money. Good ingredients. About to buy another bag😺

08/10/20 | Kathryn Mountjoy

Review of concept maine coon kitten food

My maine coon kitten is enjoying this food very much and is doing well on it. It is just as good if not better than the Royal Canin maine coon kitten food.

06/18/20 | E.Alainis

Great price.

At the beginning of lockdown 10 kilo bags of Royal Canin Mainecoon Kitten were out of stock so I ordered Concept Brand which was just slightly more than half price of Royal Canin. The ingredients were very similar. Apart from the strong smell it looks the same. Kittens didn't notice any difference and love it and I love the price of it. I won't be going back to Royal Canin. Concept is just as good.

05/03/20 | Rachel Bunn

Maine Coon Kitten LOVES it!

Bought this as my kitten was transitioning from Royal Canin Mother and Baby Cat onto an older kitten food and he loves it. I did the usual mix of 50/50 over a few days and by the 3rd day he was picking out the Concept for Life Maim and was leaving the Royal Canin. Im so glad I bought it, the kibble is a good size for him and he can eat this until hes 14 months. The 10kg bag is also a bargin vs Royal Canin at nearly 1/2 the price with a very similar meat, fat ect content.

07/21/19 | Alice


Looking to try new dry food with a higher meat content for our kitten, moving away from Royal Canin. Started by mixing in small amounts as recommended when food swapping. She loves it! She picks out the pieces of this and leaves the RC. Will definitely be making a permanent switch.

03/21/19 | Ivy

New cat very happy :)

My new cat loves them! I changed from Royal Canin to this and he didn’t seem to care about the swap at all :)