06/08/22 | Mario

My cat prefer to starve than eat this

I tried this as a trial after reading opinions about other concept of life products. Unfortunately the texture is soo disgusting (sometimes I wonder if my cat throw this). Cat wouldn't touch it at all.


Cat wouldn't eat it

Unfortunately my cat refused to eat it.

12/28/20 | Debbie Beskine

Unfortunately my cats refused this food

Very disappointing indeed, none of my 4 cats will touch this, and even our local stray and the foxrs have left it uneaten. It is a mushy consistancy, even mixed with other food, whole bowl untouched. Now i have untouched boxes of the stuff and it was a complete waste of money and food, can only throw it out or donate it!

12/06/20 | Suzanne

Very disappointing

Our cats will eat almost anything but even they refused this. Few chunks, more of a slurry texture. Strange smell too. Can’t blame them, it’s the most unappetising food I’ve ever seen. Disappointing because the rest of the range is great.