09/10/21 | Kierie

Great fluid content! Yummy Jelly!

I have a highly strung kitty that gets recurrent feline idiopathic cystitis and a poorly tummy when she get stressed. She also hates drinking water. I changed to this cat food and I'm happy to say that she loves it! It is great for getting more fluids into them as it's got lots of tasty jelly. I can also water it down and add her medication to it and she still thinks it's delicious. It's a lot like Felix AGAIL Sensations but with better ingredients and apparently yummier! 10/10 from Nala!

06/23/21 | originally published in zooplus.pl

Super vegetables

Vegetables make a great addition to the diet

05/11/21 | originally published in zoohit.cz

Catessy jelly

It tasted very good


good but not to everyone's taste

Good smell and texture. As soon as I opened them my cats devoured them but not the one with the egg. My two rascals didn't want to know about it. I will take others that do not have the egg next time.

02/09/21 | originally published in zooplus.pl

Catessy with vegetables

For my 4 cats this is a delicacy. A rustle of the bag and immediately all four of them start miaowing with pleasure. In a word, a cat's delight!


New favourite

My cat has gone off one of his staple grain free foods, I think they've changed the recipe. Why do they do that? I was ordering from Zooplus, so I thought I'd try this, not really expecting much, as the egg jelly and vegetable jelly sounded a bit strange. However, he really loves it, but now it's out of stock! I'm not surprised as it's such a good price for grain free, and evidently delicious as well. I'll be ordering more when it's back in.

10/03/20 | originally published in zooplus.fr

Much appreciated

My 3 cats love it, although they don't much care for the one with spinach. I have already put in a batch order

08/12/20 | originally published in zooplus.fr

They love it

Very surprised because my cats are very fussy normally. and they all love it thank you zoo plus


Cats Hated It

Bought this brand hoping that my cats might appreciate something different...but they absolutely hate it. A few nibbles and it was abandoned, I had to put Felix down in the end.

04/26/20 | angela baker

this was a tester for me

now when i saw this i thought wth egg jelly but my cats loved that one so much they where going mad stealing it from others bowls lol and the others where good as well like i said it was a test to see if they liked it it was the same as the other flavour of this brand bit of hit and miss but still more liked it enough for me to go bigger next time and like the other flavour box the chunks and jelly are just right and the price is good as well

03/18/20 | originally published in zooplus.it

Really great!!!!

My Dexter jumps when he smells it and then finishes it in a second! Excellent palatability! I recommend it and will also buy it with my next orders.

02/05/20 | originally published in zooplus.fr

Must have

My cat loves these sachets, I have tried lots of different ones and these are his favourites. They offer the best value for money I've found. No grains, no added sugar, and lots of variety. I'd recommend it.


Grain free and no added sugar and delicious

Grain free and no added sugar cat food at a great price. Started buying this for one of mine who had a sensitive stomach and suited him just great. Now we feed this to all of our cats and they love it.


My cats gone off of this

My two cats used to absolutely love this. Not sure if they changed the recipe, but they don't anymore. It started with the green, they wouldn't touch it anymore. Then the orange and now the yellow as well, which used to be their favourite. The red is the only one they still seem to still like. Not sure if I'm going to buy anymore, if they only eat 3 pouches out of the 12..

06/22/18 | Lesley

The others are great, but not the Salmon/Spinach one....

My cat loves the Beef/Tomato flavour and quite llikes the Chicken/Egg and Duck/Carrot ones. However, she won't touch the Salmon/Spinach one. Shame they're only available in a multipack. I hope Catessy start selling the different flavours separately - I don't want to waste money on several pouches of the Salmon/Spinach one that she doesn't like at all.


Excellent food great price

My cat was suffering with bad hairloss so thought it would be worth trying grain free, he has been having this, alongside Purizon dried food for around 6 months now and there has been a massive difference, hair has all grown back and he is in great condition, (if a little on the tubby side) he also loves the food so win win situation all round.

10/18/17 | Jane

Inexpensive & good for wheat intolerant cats

Was slightly dubious because it's so cheap, but really glad I did because my cat loves this food.She seems to be really thriving on this and Cosma. Passes the grain intolerance test with flying colours.

10/03/17 | Gisela Redman

Bengals go crazy for Catessy

Our two Bengals go totally bonkers with anticipation whenever I go near the kitchen! I have never seen cats love food so much as our two love Catessy. They knock each other out of the way to get to the food first. They both love all the flavours of gravy and jelly. Total success!

09/10/17 | Kerry

Amazing for my cat with IBD!

After having spent £££ on vet's prescription foods and other expensive grain-free or 'sensitive' options, none of which suited my cat with Crohn's disease, I thought I had nothing to lose by trying these. I was dubious as they are so cheap, but this brand seems to be the only food she can tolerate! She's even ill after eating raw or cooked chicken and fish. She still can't eat the gravy version of Catessey - it may be the egg jelly that does the trick with these - but at least we have something now, and it's affordable. Even better, she loves it, which means I can get her to have her probiotics and psyllium too, mixed with the food. A real find!

03/29/17 | hannah

fussy eaters

cats seem to like it good for the price

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