12/01/21 | Helen


My old guy loves the gravy too much and so I have to mash the formed meat into the gravy. It's a favourite and helps preserve his dodgy kidney function.

09/23/21 | Haley

Couldn’t recommend highly enough

People with cats suffering from renal failure will know how difficult it can be to get them to eat. We tried a total of 7 different types of renal food; Purina chicken and salmon are the only ones he’ll eat with delight. The strong smell and taste (compared to the other renal wet food) keeps him healthy and happy.

12/11/20 | FJM

Only one she will eat

I tried many different renal diets when my cat was first diagnosed with CKD. This was the only one she would eat...

12/06/20 | Claire

Not cheap, but worth it

Lucy has always been very fussy about food, and would only eat a specific dry food. Then she stopped eating at all, and was sick every time she ate anything. After many expensive investigations, the vet diagnosed poly-cystic kidneys, and prescribed a renal diet. As my daughter's cat was also on a renal diet, I tried several foods before deciding which to buy. This is very much her favourite, and she now eats (or rather licks the gravy off) 2 pouches a day, plus a small handful of dry food.

11/07/20 | Sandra & ykie

Great renal cat food

My recently diagnosed renal cat Ykie loves this food and I must say it does smell good ! I interchange with Kattivit pouches and sometimes mix with some normal cat food she likes. I also use the additive powder in normal food too as unfortunately we know what cats are like!! I need to keep her feeding well and happy for what time she has left, she is around 16. Thank you Zooplus brilliant service and choice.

10/20/20 | alison barnett

Renal diet Purina Chicken flavour

My old cat has kidney disease - I do a 50/50 mix of this with cooked fish or chicken - and he loves it. He then has half a pouch for supper and is a very happy cat, while helping keep his kidney function as efficient as possible.

07/19/20 | Claire

My boy loves this

This is the only renal diet product my boy will consistently eat. We have tried them all.

10/15/19 | Margo Kane


My cat love this new food from Purina One. He has to have renal food and doesn't like Royal Canin, Hills or Kattovit. He can't get enough of this in either Chicken or Salmon flavours and I am so happy I have found something wonderful.

09/18/19 | Jennifer Adams

Tucky loves this food.

My cat Tucky had stopped eating his usual renal food so i thought i would try him with another brand. He instantly ate it all up and enjoyed it. This food is a very reasonable price i only ordered one box incase he didnt like it, i will now be trying him with the other flavours.

09/12/19 | Sarah Taylor-Harman

One very happy cat

My cat was diagnosed with renal failure about six months ago, and he hated every food I tried him on (Royal Canid, Hills, Kattovit). I was becoming very concerned as he was eating less than a pouch of food a day and had lost 1/5th of his body weight. He instantly loved this Purina and is now up to eating 3 pouches a day and the vet is happy with this as a diet for him (the cat, not the vet!). Reasonably priced, fast shipping.

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