06/09/22 | Vivi

Thank you

My 18 year old cat loves the beef renal Her slow eating problem is solved Now I am a happy mum

04/18/22 | Fotini

Not as good as I thought

I have been buying these pouches regularly since 2019 as my cats seemed to like them more. However, one of my cats is allergic to the ingredients. He has been having itchy skin and causing lesions due to extensive licking. Won’t purchase again.

03/29/22 | Maria

Cats don’t like it

Renal food is bland for a purpose, but I can’t get my renal cats to eat anything and defo not this one. They look at it like it’s evil. The smell definitely is evil…really strong and unpleasant…in fact don’t think I’ve smelt a cat food so icky. It’s medium size chunks in a gravy. Chunks are a no no with my lot anyway, they prefer flakes. The crusade goes on.

01/09/22 | Dawn Beatson-NJie

Blind Gracie loves these

My little Greek Rescue blind Gracie has early stage kidney failure and didnt like the Hills given by the vet, I tried a few others but this she really loves! shame its sold out so often

11/22/21 | V Tomasevska

Nice food.

I have 18 year old boy with chronic kidneys disease. He is a fussy eater. He just loves this food, not sure why, may be it is tasty, or whatever his reasons are. Due to his age and condition it is not easy to find a good grade renal food, so I am happy as long as he is eating. My cat just loves it.

08/15/21 | Samantha-Jane Flanagan

Cat hates it

My cat hates the food and now (3rd sachet in) won't touch it

02/06/21 | Michael Sutton

My fussy cat loves this

My cat was recently diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and we tried other food which she liked for a day, then another she liked one day then gave up, but she likes this one and it helps with other problems she has like crystals in her urine, poor iron absorption, etc. Sheis improving thanks to this food

11/07/20 | Sandra & Ykie 2 shoes

Great priced tasty cat food

Renal food my recently diagnosed kidney failure cat likes along with the Purina renal diet, I interchange them to give variety


pouches cant be recycled! get the tins - better for environment

Very good, my 24-year-old cat likes very much. BUT tinned option is better for the environment and able to be recycled.


So pleased I have found Kattovit Renal!

When my cat first went on to a kidney diet it was very difficult as she would eat then regurgitate, which was awful. At last I found a renal food that she could keep down, but she ate very little. I have just found Kattovit Renal food, so it's early days but she seems to love it which is brilliant!

05/09/20 | Paul6

Cat meat

I have a fussy cat .not sure which meat to buy so l thought l buy these pouches . .which was the best thing as she loves the flavour

01/30/20 | Renata Boyle

I am SO glad I tried this brand ...

We tried all the usual big brands - over five of them, Bushy (our recently diagnosed cat) did not want to know so we ended up having to mix it with his regular wet food. As a last resort I ordered some Kattovit but we we weren't expecting it to be a success, we tried not to get over excited as he cleaned his plate - thinking it was because it was 'new' but he has now been tucking into the beef for a few months now - nothing added. What a relief!! I just hope this never gets discontinued!

12/07/19 | Tiffany hill

Cat loved for two years!

My cat loved this for two years but then suddenly stopped eating the meat and only licking the juice! I was so worried it was his time to go as he had lost so much weight! We decided to give other brands a go and he is now loving the Hills kidney wet food so fingers crossed he is ok again.


My cat is picky!

She does lick the gravy and sometimes have a snack on the meat but in general doesn't love it. She's picky and her tastes have changed, I'm sure other cats will love this so it's worth a try. It's great as a back up for us and then change things up for her and a great price.

10/17/19 | Michelle


My 19 year old fur baby cat was recently diagnosed with Renal Failure & quickly purchased several brands of renal kidney food to give her variety and options in case she didn't like a particular brand. Pleased to say that she consistently eats this every time, even when I put her regular Felix Senior & Whiskas Gravy next to it ( with phosphorus binder added to these foods). Even though it's hit & miss with the other brands senal foods, don't get rid of it as they can eat it a few weeks later



My cat enjoys these pouches. He has tried other brands and, while he's generally not a fussy cat, there were some that I thought looked awful and, sure enough, he turned his nose up at them. These pouches seem to keep him happy though, and the range of flavours is good. They are also significantly cheaper than some of the other brands available.

04/10/19 | Tiffany Hill

My cat loves this food!

My cat was diagnosed with renal failure over two years ago now! He refused to eat any food that the vet advised for him! It was a very worrying and upsetting time for us all until my husband found this brand. My cat hasn’t refused once to eat this food. He loves it and so do we as it has given our fur baby a new lease of life. Thank you kattovit! Xx


cat ate this over other leading renal brands

my cat has recently been diagnosed with renal issues. the vet suggested other brands/ flavour. i got tis as a back up in case he would not eat them. (which he didnt) he loves the gravy in this and with gentle encouragement is been weaned off the applaws i was giving him before. He actually hid away from the other stuff. Excellent service from zooplus. a great company and am always happy with their customer service

04/13/18 | pauline power

Best By Far

amazing food for my 17 yr old cat, easily digestible Jaspers demeanour has changed too as he is no longer grumpy hungry cat as he is keeping this food down and put on weight. Highly recommended

02/28/18 | Anna

Great food for fussy eaters!

I have been trying most of the brands but my cat doesn't like them, finally I've found a food which support his kidneys and he started to enjoy eating again :)

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