I got these because of the reviews, but there was 10 small pieces in each bag. Ok for my yorkies, but was gone in seconds. Would think bigger dogs could choke on them

02/16/22 | Agnieszka Dobrzynska

Simple ingredients- great treats for my dog

My dog loves those treats , simple quality ingredients, very low fat - chunky treats

12/10/21 | Lynsey Hall

Can't get enough!

Our dog loves these as a treat!

12/04/21 | Bronwen

Good size and popular

These are a good size for medium to large dogs and are very chewy. They do seem fairly hard/chewy and my rescue dog takes a while to eat one, so they're really good for labs and other dogs which tend to guzzle food quickly (in my opinion). I buy these on repeat as they're good value and don't contain a lot of rubbish like some dog foods/treats do.

02/21/21 | Rita

Amazing treat for dogs and cats!

It was a hit since the first time I have it to my dog. He is a Staffie Cross so they don't last long but I use them inside a Kong and it keeps him entertained for a while. My cat showed interest and he loved it too! Chicken and apple are a great combination.

05/10/20 | Lewis Wescott

Loves them!

Céline absolutely loves these so they’re a great high-reward treat for training. Just ordered another Saver Pack

05/02/20 | Shelley

Bad reaction

My chihuahua puppy did not like these at all, he struggled to eat it as it was too big for his little mouth

04/06/20 | Matt Wilkins


Scruff loves these.. Loves chicken also loves apple both in the same treat he gets soo excited for them.

05/08/19 | Linda Goulding

These treats are a huge hit

All three of mine love these...will have to buy more in future

04/20/19 | Paddy

My Lab takes food drive to new heights

My Lab loves these. He turns into a bumbling wrek whenever he hears the bag rustle. Nice heathy treat of dried apple wrapped in dried chicken breast. Well packaged for freshness.

08/13/17 | Mastiff Sally

Big Dogs love these too

When we're out I bring various small treats as rewards. My dogs, though 6 and 7, are always learning new things and they are also the muses of my friend, a photographer. So I actually cut these in 1/2 or 1/3, just big enough to make a tasty reward. They are a delicious, healthy treat for all size dogs.

04/15/14 | Danielle

chewy and tasty

My miniature dachshund loves these, I cut them in half for him but as a special treat he gets a whole one. You get about 6-8 pieces in a bag so you may wish to purchase the multi pack. You're doggy will definitely thank you for it!

09/29/13 | Claire Barker

Just the Thing!

This is just the right size to tell my dog what a good boy he's been! He eats them in a jiffy and they look delicious. I agree a bigger bag would be good, they disappear very quickly.

09/10/12 | Rachel & the Three MouseCATeers

Superb dog treats

My collie devours these, the only problem is there are not many in a bag at all. A much larger bag would be great! Otherwise buy the three pack, you won't be sorry!

04/14/12 | beki c

loved them !

both my girls (collie crosses) love these, especially the bigger of the 2 as she adores apples in any form so when i gave her apple wrapped in chicken she was very happy ! great for a quick treat

01/06/12 | Dawn

Great treats

My dalmatian loves these treats even though as you can imagine they don't last long maybe more suited for small dogs but i would buy these again