06/07/22 | Rebecca

Great product for cat and all round

I really like this product since it is effective against bacteria, fungals and viruses. I sometimes find myself using it for cleaning jobs other than cat tray or accidents. It is scented which I usually dislike (I think my sense of smell is as strong as my cat's!) but it wears away fairly quickly after wiping and just leaves a talcum powder-like fragrance. I would recommend.
09/12/21 | Lynette Phillips

Great cleaner

My kitten is not offended by the smell and I think they should produce an air freshner because it is so lovely. I don't use liners in Kitty box and this does the job brilliantly. No fuss no muss. Buy several each shop as use in my bathroom.
07/02/21 | Bernadett

Nice smell easy to use

We haven’t tried a lot of different litter tray cleaners as We were lucky enough to find this one. It smells nice, very easy to use and you can get it at a reasonable price. It lasts fairly long and i like to use it on other surfaces in the house, not just for the litter. It sanitises the surface and kills bacteria and cat friendly - That’s all We need

Great cleaner but bottle leaks when sprayed

The cleaner its self is great but the bottle is awful, I get more on my hands when spraying it than on the litter tray
11/23/20 | Kirsten

Lovely smell

I've tried a few different litter cleaners over the years and this is the first one thats actually cleaned it properly and it smells really nice too ! I've even used it on my bin / food waste bin.
11/19/20 | Holly

Works Great!

Smells really nice and fresh and cuts through all of those common bad pet odours. We use this when cleaning out my cats litter tray, and he seems unbothered by the smell.
07/02/20 | Stacey

Disinfectant spray

Works well can’t complain
11/05/19 | Beck

This is my cleanliness go-to! Pt.2

I love this but must say, I would buy it in a large bulk container if that were available; I don't like to buy the individual bottles due to all the plastic waste, but the product itself is awesome!
11/05/19 | Beck

This is my cleanliness go-to!

I swear by this! I use it to clean out the cat litter tray, I wipe it away thoroughly so it doesn't leave a residual scent, she seems happy with that. When she throws up or has a bit of a fail with her no.2s it's brilliant for removing all traces, especially from fabric (she never has accidents but sometimes fetches the brown smears out of the litter with her which catch on the rug and the laminate wood floor!) It really seems to prevent staining, even blood if I have a stubbed-toe fail!

Rabbit doesn't like it.

Used this to clean my rabbits hutch with. The smell was so strong and chemically, i didn't like it and neither did my rabbit, who was trying to escape from the smell. I have used a lavender and lemon cleaning spray in the past and i will definitely be going back to these.

Good stuff!

We really like this for our miniature doxie. He liked to occasionally do his business in the house/carpet . Smells really nice and fresh and I believe the odour does go. It’s lasted for ages too ! At the price you can’t knock it! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
12/06/17 | Cathy

Smells Delightful

Got this to prevent the odour from my litter boxes. Works a dream
07/23/17 | Samantha Roberts

Made smell worse!

Literally nothing 'refreshing' about this spray. Imagine spraying nail polish remover where your cat has had an accident... the smell was so much worse after.

Versatile & Smells Great!

I've used a lot of disinfectants in the years I've kept animals and this one comes out on top. It doesn't have a harsh, overpowering scent and it's easy to clean off without leaving residue. It smells a little chemically but only as much as you'd expect a non-scented cleaner to smell. A bottle lasts for ages and removes bad smells rather than covering them. It's great for litter trays, bowls and small animal cages / toys
03/08/17 | Yvonne


I've used this for quite a long time and really like it. However it recently came into it's own when I went out and accidentally locked the cat in the bedroom and she wee'd on the bed. It went right through to the mattress. I thought it would smell forever but I mopped it up as best as I could, sprayed it heavily with this, soaked up the surplus and left it to dry. AMAZING no smell at all and even better no stain. I couldn't even see where it had been. Yes the neck does leak badly though.

It leaked! But it did do its job the time I did get to use it.

Great. Smells good too!
08/17/16 | Jane

Great for cleaning upholstery as well as plastics.

This spray is great at cleaning up accidents from upholstery as well as litter trays etc. I've used it a lot since my (human) toddler started potty training, and it's better than anything available from the supermarkets as the anti-bac cleaners they sell aren't suitable for upholstery. The scent is fresh and clean without being too strong, and it removes all traces of bad smells.
04/15/16 | Mrs Y Thomas North Yorkshire

Not just for cats

I used this on my cat's litter tray and it really cleans it well and leaves it fresh and smelling lovely but not a smell that deters the cat from using, However, it has really come into it's own since I got two 8 week old labrador pups. There toilet training is a bit hit and miss and they messes the puppy pads overnight messes in their crate, This stuff left it all fresh and clean. I use it on the vinyl and the carpet tiles if they 'miss' and my rooms don;t smell or wee or poop. Great stuff!!


The best cleaning spray for cat's mess.
11/11/15 | Evg

It does the job

It does what it says. And I don't have any problems with the smell. It cleans fine.

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