Very good for Cat claws

Recommend for cats and ferrets. Sharp and easy to use.

Amazing claw clippers at a cheap price

Even though there were many bad reviews on this product I bought it anyways because it was cheap and I really needed one as my other one broke because of someone using it as pliers. Anyhow, the product is amazing. It is light and easy to use. I highly recommend.
02/19/21 | Luna

It was very good

It was very good but after sanitaising it to be sure that none of bacterias while i accidentaly cut too much of nail This metal cutting thing got red like normal metal with too much red ( its not stailnes stell)

Small but Efficient

Ive had other scissors in the past which were much bigger ..so easier to use and this one is really small but it’s doing the job!
04/17/20 | Akira’s mom

Cracking nails

Isn’t so good, this will cracking my cat’s nail. Don’t like it


I used them on my kitten today while he was asleep and it was so easy, trimmed the tips of his claws front and back didn’t even budge, be careful doing yourself maybe get a vet to show you, if you go to far into the quick it will hurt them and they will bleed ❤️
05/29/19 | Garry


Nice and small. easy to use. doesn't scare the cats
04/19/19 | Fiona Wilson

Great for small cats

Not the cleanest cut but I find them perfect for my Korats as most clippers are too thick to see what you’re cutting with these smaller breeds.
12/13/18 | sophie Ride

Great product

A very easy to use pair of clippers. As they're discreet the cat isn't very scared of them. Very strong cut and nice clean end result.
04/24/18 | Carol

Life changer!

So quick, precise and easy to use that my parrot was not really aware of what I was doing to him! Much better than normal clippers because you can site the nail/claw exactly between the cutters for a nice round cut. Small size fits well in the hand so no juggling about while trying to get the right angle. Have used them ,too, for trimming the claws of chickens - so easy!
11/19/17 | Beata


used them for a year now and no problems with them at all, cut well, easy to use, for an adult Ragdoll of big size i would use bigger size of clippers as these start to have problems cutting throghu thick claws / very pleased with product
11/22/15 | Julia

Easy too use, good product

I bought this Easy Claw Pet Clippers and very pleased with them. Trimmed my cat's claw quickly and without any hassle. Certainly will recommend this product.
05/24/15 | BRENDA

waste of money

You only get what you pay for my mother used to tell me. I should have taken heed. These claw clippers are totally useless. They are like children's toys but a little sharper. You have been warned!!
09/08/14 | Cheila

Good enough

Not the best quality clippers out there, but they're very nice for the price.
06/08/14 | A Cowling

Not great

These do not give a clean cut and awkward to use. My cats hate these. Best spend your money on a quality pair.
06/08/14 | Lynn San Diego

Easy and safe claw cutter

Best buy for cats, I used to clip Bluebell's claws with a nail clipper but now after buying this, makes it easier and safer to clip my cat's claws. She even agrees to it now without bribing her with a treat.
06/03/14 | Herm

How to make your cat tolerate claw clipping...

We'd tried a few different styles of claw clippers, including guillotine-type ones that we found crushed the claw painfully, before settling on scissor types. These are a good design and do the job nicely.

Tip to make kitty more amenable to claw clipping: every day when stroking the cat, briefly spread one or two of its paws out with your fingers and extend the claws (as if you were going to clip them), then let go and resume petting. You'll desensitise the cat to having its paws messed around with.

Could be sharper

Bought these as had been using nail clippers on my cats claws which was not ideal. These are Ok but could do with being sharper.
04/26/13 | Cernunnas

good clippers

I recently bought these clippers, and I must say they work just fine. They leave a neat finish (the old ones always left my cat's claws a messy finish, with bits that broke and split). The only thing I can complain about is that I get tired after using them for a bit, maybe I'll try putting some oil or grease in the nut.
01/07/13 | Rose Beckhurst

No Bengal Boxing Matches...

I was a little worried by the thought of our first nail clipping session with our baby Bengal kitten. I don't want to paint her in a bad light but she is at the least challenging, if she doesn't like it 9/10 it doesn't happen. However she really doesn't mind it she sits really still and purrs when i do it. A pleasure to use for both me and kitty. Thumbs up here :)

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