Badly made

Had this wheel a few weeks and when first looking at it the wheel was wonky and now it’s makes a horrible knocking noise, I was expecting better from this wheel I wouldn’t recommend if you want to sleep at night

04/24/22 | Alice

Fantastic wheels

I have two of these and they're both silent and secure. One came assembled wrongly but a few minutes with a screwdriver and glue gun and it's now running as smootly and silently as the other one. My hams both love their wheels, highly recommended.

03/19/22 | Chloe

Made hamster bleed

For the first 2 days this was a great wheel. Big enough, some what silent etc. Utility I checked at night, and there was blood all over the wheel. The wheel had ripped off my hammys nail, I feel so bad for him. This is probably very rare and it’s still a great wheel but just be careful.

01/25/22 | Chloe

Loves it

I put plasticote over this to protect it from damage but my Syrian hamster loves it defo go for 28cm if your hamster is a Syrian ! Fast delivery came perfect

01/04/22 | Knapik Rafal

poor quality no bearings

wheel is very wobbly and loud ,no ball-bearing,poor quality don't buy


amazing wheel for about a month

This wheel was so good to start off with, it was really quiet and my hamster loved it after a month or so the wheel sort of dropped so it now rubs on the stand when my hamster runs on it, making it very hard for my hamster to move it and also making it very noisy !

12/31/21 | Leah Hargreaves

Doesn't spin

The wood is so heavy the wheel doesn't even spin and my hamster can't push it. Tbh I've seen loads of really good reviews for this but I think getting it from Amazon is cheaper and it looks looser on there.

11/03/21 | Allwyn Simpson

Very noisy

Was thrilled with this when I purchased it but within a very short space of time it started to wobble and make a terrible noise, I gone back to my plastic wheel I had before, am disappointed because I love the natural look of it 😞

10/27/21 | Lenny’s Owner :)

Wooden wheel, wouldn’t recommend

I usually have a really good experience with the tricks range but this particular item didn’t satisfy the needs of my ham. It looks great in any enclosure however, even to being with, was never silent and always made a rumbling sound. The first week was ok but it soon tilted at an angle which made even more noise, after a few weeks it squeaked and the cork lining of the wheel (I think that’s what it called) fell apart and ripped. Don’t recommend this product. 😕


Leaning forward and very loud

I had this wheel for my previous hamster and it was silent and stood straight so I wanted another one for my next hamster but it’s came leaning forward and very loud, I’m not sure why they have changed how they make it as it was perfectly fine before.

10/25/21 | Olivia Coombe

Not silent at all

I bought this wheel as an upgrade as my previous one begin to hit of the stand I thought as this one was wood it would be more sturdy. When I took the wheel out the box it was ALREADY hitting off the stand !! And even when I moved it so it wasn't as soon as any weight got put on the wheel it was right back to hitting off the stand. The noise from the wheel is diabolical, it is thr worst sound I've ever made a wheel make, I don't know if this is just a faulty product but I am not impressed.

09/24/21 | Sarah

28cm wheel

Was fine and silent at first, but now 1 month later the noise is to much and driving me insane

09/24/21 | Leah

Previously great but now has gaps between cork & edges

I love the actual wheel & had one for ages, but upon trying to replace it last year & recently, the cork inner part doesn't meet the edges of the wheel & I would worry about paws getting caught potentially. I have raised the issue with zooplus who were very good at responding quickly & offered a prompt refund for the wheel & the postage (I asked re: the latter) & said they would pass on my complaint to the manufacturer. I seriously hope the issue gets sorted, as the wheel is fantastic & quiet.

09/18/21 | Leah Bennett

1st wheel great, any recently have gaps in cork

Absolutely loved this wheel (1st one ordered) & when I needed a replacement I came straight here. However, each one I tried had gaps between the cork & the edge, so I would worry about paws getting stuck in the grooves. I have mentioned it in my returns & seriously doubt I will try one again, which is sad, as it is a superb silent wheel.

09/03/21 | connor

Very poor quality

Wheel warped, and leans forward so that it scrapes along the floor. I had to cut out a significant portion of the base to get it to function at all. 1 extra star because Zooplus support were very quick to respond, and provided a full refund

08/18/21 | Elleshia


Not happy with this wheel it’s not very stable and the wheel its self wobbles


Hamsters love to chew the cork on the wheel!!

Looked good but hamster decided to chew all the cork up on the wheel, so we re-corked it and it done it again, this also happened with my other hamster. Would not purchase again.



I love the size of this wheel and it is great if sealed, the only problem is after a few months the clicking as it turned kept everyone awake even from downstairs, however, best out of all I have tried so will be ordering another.

07/15/21 | Imogen

Really not happy with how this wheel was made

First wheel was absolutely amazing - the second? Terrible. The back catches as it spins and the cork inside the ‘drum’ is badly cut to shape and I’m kind of worried my hamster will keep tripping. Got evidence as well. Super upset with this one, not really sure what to do. Can’t resend it back as my hamster is in need of a wheel badly as his old one can’t even be spun around, he can’t be stuck without a wheel for any longer. Would like a replacement sent out honestly.

07/14/21 | Imogen

Amazing for my Syrian.

Mu hamsters old wheel started drooping so was looking for a silent wheel. Purchased this with the reviews in mind but this is perfect! I was wanting a wooden wheel for a naturalistic set up and although yes the wheel looks like it flies out and back in with the spin it's still silent. All you can hear is the hamsters tippity taps from them running. Plastikoted it too. Just purchased a 21cm one for my new dwarf addition which arrives tomorrow. Definitely recommend this wheel!