08/30/20 | Baylee

Bit small for syrian

Quite tall and lots of room inside! Hole at the top is perfect but at the bottom the ‘exit’ that they burrow to the bottom yo get out from is too small for my Syrian. He can stick his head out and then tried butt first to get out but just can’t. He ends up with his butt stuck out the bottom and kicking all the bedding out trying to escape... luckily the bottom part can become detached so have taken that off and he can get out now but I don’t think he likes it as much without the bottom!


Different use

This is very large. My hamster never used it for digging so I decided to adapt it. I removed one piece of perspex and use it as a house/next. Fudge loves it!

02/07/18 | Carrie

Great but not perfect product

This is an excellent accessory for any cage with bars. It is a good size for both Syrians and dwarfs. One downside I found is the placement of the ladder; because the hooks are in the middle of one side rather than flush with the edge, and the rungs are quite far apart, my ham didn't realise that this was the way to get up onto and down off it. I've modified it by taking out one of the hooks and putting it back in by the edge, but the wood is very crumbly so it's not too secure.

05/20/17 | Helena

Syrian loves it so much she sleeps in it!

My Syrian has had this for a good six months now, and she sleeps in it (filled with Fitch!) every night, and hoards in it (and sometimes pees in it - she tells me it's *that* multifunctional) The base slides out - helpful because after a while pee got into it, and it had to be removed. The ladder is a bit steep for hamsters going down, and was eventually chewed, so that went. We rarely see her against the perspex, but ultimately what matters is that she thinks it's the bees knees for sleeping!


Good out of cage fun

Great fun for out of cage time and to hide treats in. This size is big enough for a Syrian hamster (there are smaller versions on the market). As is usually the case with these wooden accessories, they can be imperfect. I had a very wonky/wobbly ladder and after a couple of days a small section had to be re-glued. But Zooplus was the cheapest I could find for this item, so still worth the money.

06/06/11 | Elaine & Chris

Pippa doesn't "dig" this!

We love this fab wooden toy, but unfortunately our hammy just doesn't get it. She has sniffed it and chewed it, and has even been inside it (briefly!), but simply won't dig through it - not even when we hide treats in the wood shavings. Shame! It's a great product though, and well made, but essentially a large and expensive gnawing block for our Pip!

10/06/09 | Carolyn

Great but could use an extra ladder.

My gerbils didn't quite get the point of the box. They went in from the bottom, pushed all the sawdust out and ate the ladder. Nevertheless they loved it and it kept them occupied for ages. I do wish it was possible to buy replacement ladders for it though.