01/01/22 | Haley


This tunnel is Amazing for Budgies i have 14 and they all like to chew on it, I am aware it could be seen as a nest but its something they play with outside of the cages so not a problem.

06/21/21 | Eva


So much bigger than expected

02/24/21 | Laura

Larger version

I ordered this thinking it would be a tube, Cork tube, its a giant piece not like a tunnel at all really, more of a bent tunnel joined together in the middle. My hamster will hopefully have fun exploring and doing whatever he'll do with it. It's massive!! Opted for the larger one to make sure he could squeeze through but probably could've gone for the smaller.


Hamster Loves this!

Great tunnel for Syrian hamsters and other small rodents.

11/19/20 | Caitlin

Recommend for hamsters!

Got this for my dwarf hamster and he loves it! Since hamsters have bad eyesight they need enrichment through touch. So by providing this cork log it gives then a natural texture in their enclosure! Additionally, the cork log has a large entry way (mine was 15cm) a Syrian hamster can fit nicely in aswell! 100% recommend for hamsters!

07/02/20 | Carol

Value for money

This was bigger than I expected. My Syrian hamster called Harry 🐹 loves it.

06/30/20 | Brooke


My 2 gerbils absolutely love this tunnel. Its much bigger than I expected and they are constantly either sleeping in it or gnawing on it. 100% worth it!!

05/23/20 | Joanne

An amazing natural texture

I got this for my hamster enclosure and it is so great. It looks amazing as well as being functional, and provides a great texture for my hamster to file down his claws, etc. Would buy again.

08/28/19 | Vicky Cleveland

Love it

It is a lot bigger than I expected but still very happy with it and the way it looks

04/06/18 | AndreaLouise

Medium is very large, great for a Syrian!

I was actually shocked how big the medium is! Luckily I have a 100cm x 80 cage, so plenty of room for it. If you have a standard size pet store bought hamster cage, then the medium will be way too large for most standard hamster cages. To give you an idea, it's the length of my forearm, and around the width of a DVD case. My little Russian dwarf has been enjoying herself, in and out, climbing on it, plus it has a hole on top, so she has come out through there too Excellent size for hamsters/Rats

03/01/18 | Lisa


The picture doesn't do it any justice, I ordered the small it huge it bends which I love, got a hole coming out of the top which acts as another way to get in or out of bear my Syrian & I love this item

02/28/18 | Lisa

Cork tunnels

Absolutely love this item, what a fantastic price, I opted for the smaller one & it's huge, I'm just glad I didn't go large



I have owned two of these cork tunnels now, and both of them were great: Good size, add interest to the cage, and hamsters seem to love them. Definitely recommend!

07/04/15 | Tillie

My guinea pigs love it

Well worth the money, looks great in enclosure and my piggies love running through it.

07/03/14 | Jude

Syrian loves it

My Syrian loves this tunnel - he made a burrow at the end of it to sleep in. It's a great size for a Syrian and fits easily into a suitable sized cage.

09/08/12 | Jenny Whyte

Great for sugar gliders

I bought this for my sugar gliders to try. One just uses it as a jumping off point, the other LOVES it. She sits on and in it and likes to strip the bark both inside and out. I will definitely be buying more.

08/19/11 | Mary Walters

Cork bark tube

I was pleasantly suprised at the size of the piece I recieved. I only have one spiderling at the minute so it will last a long time. It is ideal for any terrestrial or arboreal spider, tarantulas or trues. The tube can be cut to the size for a terrestrial and half buried for a hide. Also can be cut and secured for an arboreal one. I can reccomend it.



I didn't realise how large it'd be..I bought 3 and well.. one would take up half of a mini duna..be warned! I haven't tried them with my dwarves yet, but I know they'll love to climb them and it'll help with the natural theme I'm trying to achieve with my cages :) Also, my cork walls are really chunky.

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