03/05/21 | Emily J

Good sized and priced cork log

I had to get a replacement for mine that arrived originally because it was broken. There were no issues with the second one that came free of charge. I contacted customer services and a new one was sent out and arrived within a few days. Highly recommend. I ordered one large and one medium. If you have a syrian hamster, I would get the large one as the medium ones can be a little hit or miss with hole size. Had to give it a very good wash when it was time to use them though.

10/23/20 | Eve


I am actually blown away at how large the *small* one is! I could fit my arm in it! If anything was a little *too* big as just about fits nicely in my cage along with other items! Definitely reccomend

07/29/20 | Mollie

Brilliant product. Was chipped a little

Get what you pay for. I think they’re gorgeous

12/01/19 | Nathan

Hamsters Love It

I've ordered four from zooplus, two had bugs but the ones that I could use have been great for my hamsters! It really helps when doing German inspired cage themes too!



It’s an okay item . It’s very big but full of spikes inside and a lot of ‘wood hair’ that I’m concerned my hamster will eat

02/16/11 | little

pretty good

Looks bigger than it actually is, which is quite good as i bought for my robos but my syrian can fit in it :D (but it was so big i had to rearrange his cage to fit it in lol) Only downer was that it looks NOTHING like the picture! :L the cork, is actually quite thin (unlike the picture) and its not completely straight, mine was a bit bent :P which is no problem, but just something to be wary of ;) Definitly worth the price though x