06/09/21 | JD

WARNING: Sharp nails!

At first I thought this was a great little cage accessory, which has been lasting well. However, my degus have gnawed on the steps over time (as expected of a pet product), which revealed SHARP nails jutting out the tops of the step! Extremely dangerous and poorly designed. I thought I might have a faulty one but it seems others have experienced this too. Avoid!

03/26/21 | anna


I bought it for my hammy. He has chewed through the wood and exposed a sharp nail. He has cut his face therefore I have investigated the platform and thankfully discovered the nail. It's in a bin. NOT SAFE for hamsters. Don't even want to think about what could have happened. You should inform customers it has a nails in it.

10/03/19 | Sophie


Only had for a couple of days. My hamster is a chewer, she gnawed on the sides of these steps which is great! Until this evening... when I found a small NAIL sticking up from the wood where she’d chewed. She could have seriously injured herself. Not recommended!!! DO NOT expect this from a product after just a couple days!! The nail was in a weird place too, not holding anything together!!

01/02/12 | Faye

kept falling over

I ordered this for my 2 guinea pigs. It is quite large, but the bottom posts didnt seem flat and was wobbly and when the guinea pig jumped on it, it just kept toppling over. I think would be more suited to smaller animals.