11/08/21 | Zoe

Amazing stuff

My guinea pigs love this. I tried something cheaper just to see what it was like and I didn’t like it so I didn’t expect my piggies to either. There is nothing better than chipsi super if you ask me.

08/26/18 | Alison

Really good.

Good product.

12/04/17 | Vera

Excellent bedding

I love this bedding as it is fine and comfortable for the animals. A lot of wood shaving bedding are large and rough flakes, this is nice and soft. Very absorbent too. Highly recommended.

08/16/17 | Alison Harris

24kg Sawdust.

I've been buying this sawdust for 3 of my bunnies and this is the best I've Used so far, lasts a while too! Really good value for money.

02/26/17 | jonna shamwana

Fantastic for my guinea pigs

I bough the 24kg bag about six months ago and it's only just ran out! I have no complaints from my guinea pigs :) who seem to enjoy these wood shavings as their bedding very much. Super absorbent and great value for money. Another winner from Zooplus!

07/07/16 | Vera Marney

Excellent bedding

This bedding is free of dust, absorbent and easy to use. Highly recommended.