04/27/22 | Steffi

Not working

It just doesn't work
06/20/20 | Abbie Armstrong

Wrong size

I wanted the hamster/gerbil size and I got sent the size for; rats, guinea pigs & chinchillas! It didnt give me a size option, so I presumed it was one size, a small size!
06/09/20 | Emma H

Doesn't work properly!

I bought this for my rabbit as I thought it would be ideal for being able to clean with boiling water. Had it in my rabbits cage for 2 days and realised the water was hardly going down (my rabbit normally drinks a full bottle in 2 days). Such a good job I kept my rabbits old bottle as this doesn't release water as it should! Would not recommend!
01/02/20 | Kel


Agree with other users in that it leaks but not all the time weirdly. I bought this at a discounted price so thought id try it. Still going to have to replace it.
10/14/19 | Monique


Bought this and the cheap plastic bottle. The cheaper one was perfect, this one drips constantly. Would not recommend it.
02/08/19 | Samantha

Bought 3 - None work properly

I bought 3. The two larger ones drip and the smaller one wont dispense water properly. The smaller one is for baby rats and I'd been ill and unable to check on them for around 15 hours. When I did, they were biting and clawing the nozzle to try to get water from it! Yet I check they work every day normally. I have no idea why it should suddenly stop working as it had just been filled and checked. Mortified! Gone back to plastic. Waste of money as they're not cheap.

Great bottle!

Bought this for my mice... not realising how big it was! The bottle is very good though!

waste of money

Don't waste your money on this bottle, all it does is drip, i have cleaned the spout etc and still it soaks the hutch. I have gone back to using the plastic one!
12/13/18 | Carole Atkinson

really good

i bought this bottle to use inside my rabbits cage the bottle is perfect easy to fix to the inside of the cage and easy to clean. The bottle has a really long spout and is perfect for my baby rabbits to use and the bottle can be fixed quite low in the cage and moved up as the rabbits grow.
11/03/18 | Anna

Saturated cage - super leaky

I came home just before I had to go to work and found that half the cage was saturated in water. The whole bottle leaked while I was out. Went to my awesome pet store and he gave me a free new one in this same large living world glass water bottle. Did the same thing. 2 half beddings later i have to go back tomorrow and I have to keep bringing my poor girl water. Grrr.
05/21/18 | Elizabeth austin

the water doesn’t really come out:/

i have two rats, i bought this as i love the design but after seeing their water level not go down i checked it and to my horror nothing would come out! i have to play with the he ball for ages to get the tiniest bit out, the antidrip this is all good said and done but it’s stoppig her from getting water! i moved them back to the plastic ones and i feel much safer knowing she can have water, they now have a bowl aswell, do not pass on this review

Perfect for degus

Plastic inside a degu cage can be dangerous, so we bought these glass bottles to use inside the enclosure instead of the usual plastic bottles. Reading other reviews, people have said their bottles leaked, but we have two of these bottles and neither have shown any signs of leaking. The bedding beneath the bottle is always dry.
09/29/17 | Ann

Leaky bottles

Bought three for my guinea pigs, worked for couple weeks then two started to leak, I would fill morning and empty by bedtime and Guineas sat in wet cages. Pets at home told me to fill to overflowing to enable vacuum to build up but still the same, gone back to plastic and dry cages again, waste of money for two out of three bought
08/14/17 | Sarah


Not leak proof...I've had one of these bottles before and it didn't leak but the recent order leaked so much it was empty.


I bought two of the largest bottle for my guinea pigs as I hoped that they would be easier to clean. Straight away I noticed that they were emptying pretty quickly compared to my old plastic bottles and on further inspection I noticed that the bedding underneath the bottles was saturated with water :( Very disappointed as they aren't cheap and it was a waste of money!

Floods the Cage

The purpose of this bottle is to hold water for my hamster to drink. I may as well just dump water out all over the cage several times a day. We brought back the first one in case it was just a defective bottle, but it turns out it's a terrible product.

Leaks terribly!

I bought this bottle because it was glass and I thought it would last longer than the plastic ones I've had in the past. No matter what tricks I try, this thing leaks terribly! I change my cage pad weekly; this weekend when I changed cagepads, I realized that the canvas on my cage that sits underneath the bottle spout, is BLACK! Not impressed !!!

Very leaky

I bought a larger one of these but it leaked awfully. The cage was constantly damp. Exactly the same problem with the smaller one I bought to replace it in the hope that it would be better but it was much worse. Entire bottle emptied into the cage within minutes! Complete waste of money. Such a pity as the piggies tend to yank and play with them less than the plastic ones.
03/23/17 | Kwan

Not leak proof!!

Used for my rabbits. Thought it would be good as glass so easy to clean. The bottle leaked and was empty by the next day! This keeps happening.
02/06/17 | Sara Ede


Brought one to see if it as good as it says on the label - it was -and now all my 6 guineapigs have new bottles and no puddles in the cage

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