came broken and got with possible insects?

When this arrived I opened the box and it was broken in pieces and on the inside, i know there’s supposed to be dirt but i found a small yellow nest as if some insect hatched out of it, alongside a load of webs. not letting this anywhere near my hamster, worried about touching as i didn’t want any insects to crawl out. Already got a refund. I don’t recommend.
01/01/22 | Haley


This tunnel is Amazing for Budgies i have 14 and they all like to chew on it, I am aware it could be seen as a nest but its something they play with outside of the cages so not a problem.
11/17/21 | K.L

Mould on Cork

The cork tunnel itself is a good size and it's lightweight, major con is that it has mould on it! There's small white fuzzy mould all over it so not very happy about that

Arrived broken and not a tunnel

The material looks great but product arrived broken and can't be used a tunnel. Lot bigger than expecting
06/21/21 | Eva


So much bigger than expected
03/05/21 | Emily J

Good sized and priced cork log

I had to get a replacement for mine that arrived originally because it was broken. There were no issues with the second one that came free of charge. I contacted customer services and a new one was sent out and arrived within a few days. Highly recommend. I ordered one large and one medium. If you have a syrian hamster, I would get the large one as the medium ones can be a little hit or miss with hole size. Had to give it a very good wash when it was time to use them though.
02/24/21 | Laura

Larger version

I ordered this thinking it would be a tube, Cork tube, its a giant piece not like a tunnel at all really, more of a bent tunnel joined together in the middle. My hamster will hopefully have fun exploring and doing whatever he'll do with it. It's massive!! Opted for the larger one to make sure he could squeeze through but probably could've gone for the smaller.

Hamster Loves this!

Great tunnel for Syrian hamsters and other small rodents.
12/18/20 | Kaylee

Recent purchase

My previous two cork log purchases have benn absolutely however my third and most recent purchase appears to be much smaller than the last two and Curved at an angle I fear my Syrian hamster won’t fit. I love the product but on this occasion I’m disappointed
11/19/20 | Caitlin

Recommend for hamsters!

Got this for my dwarf hamster and he loves it! Since hamsters have bad eyesight they need enrichment through touch. So by providing this cork log it gives then a natural texture in their enclosure! Additionally, the cork log has a large entry way (mine was 15cm) a Syrian hamster can fit nicely in aswell! 100% recommend for hamsters!
10/23/20 | Eve


I am actually blown away at how large the *small* one is! I could fit my arm in it! If anything was a little *too* big as just about fits nicely in my cage along with other items! Definitely reccomend

arrived broken into 4 pieces!

The tunnel arrived crushed with bits flaking off, here there and everywhere. It just didn't look clean either! I got a full refund so cannot fault Zooplus but I wouldn't recommend this.
09/15/20 | Jayne Hanson

smashed to pieces on arrival

The state of my package on arrival was horrific. It's a pure miracle that only one item was smashed to bits. The tunnel is incredibly brittle and flakey.
08/01/20 | Carol

My hamater got stuck

My Syrian hamster loved it until one day last week he got stuck with his head through a smaller hole at the top and he couldn't get his rear end through. I had to use my hand so he could push himself out 😔
07/29/20 | Mollie

Brilliant product. Was chipped a little

Get what you pay for. I think they’re gorgeous
07/02/20 | Carol

Value for money

This was bigger than I expected. My Syrian hamster called Harry 🐹 loves it.
06/30/20 | Brooke


My 2 gerbils absolutely love this tunnel. Its much bigger than I expected and they are constantly either sleeping in it or gnawing on it. 100% worth it!!
06/19/20 | Lucie


Very rustic peice, not really a cylinder but will work for my needs. Had to give it a thorough wash as there were a couple spider egg sacks
05/23/20 | Joanne

An amazing natural texture

I got this for my hamster enclosure and it is so great. It looks amazing as well as being functional, and provides a great texture for my hamster to file down his claws, etc. Would buy again.
12/01/19 | Nathan

Hamsters Love It

I've ordered four from zooplus, two had bugs but the ones that I could use have been great for my hamsters! It really helps when doing German inspired cage themes too!

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