01/20/22 | Jd

⚠️ Sharp nails under the wood! ⚠️

My degus loved gnawing these steps, and a few months in they exposed some sharp nails. We basically had to re-drill the entire stair case to make it safe for our boys. Could really cause damage if left unnoticed, which is a shame as our boys enjoyed the build. Gave 2 stars as the currently flawed product could be redesigned in future into a great (and safe) one. In its current state would not recommend.
06/09/21 | JD

WARNING: Sharp nails!

At first I thought this was a great little cage accessory, which has been lasting well. However, my degus have gnawed on the steps over time (as expected of a pet product), which revealed SHARP nails jutting out the tops of the step! Extremely dangerous and poorly designed. I thought I might have a faulty one but it seems others have experienced this too. Avoid!
03/26/21 | anna


I bought it for my hammy. He has chewed through the wood and exposed a sharp nail. He has cut his face therefore I have investigated the platform and thankfully discovered the nail. It's in a bin. NOT SAFE for hamsters. Don't even want to think about what could have happened. You should inform customers it has a nails in it.
01/11/21 | Kirsty

Wooden steps

Absolutely love this item but when putting in my rat cage we noticed loads of tack nails sticking out of it. So just be careful of you by this and double check it x
12/18/20 | Kaylee


I have just recipes my zooplus order and to my amazement the stairs are much bigger than I anticipated. I won’t be able to fit into my 40 gallon tank for one female Syrian so I’ll be placing it into my other females detolf. From what I can see the product had been made to a high quality level and I can’t wait to see my girls use it
12/14/20 | Chelsay


Got this for my hamster and she loves it gives her a lot more floors to climb on and new places to explore. Really good quality.
05/08/20 | Gemma

Great size but poorly made

This item was a really great size to fit in my xl hamster cage but it came with a sharp nail sticking out of the leg that I need to push into the wood. It’s also not the sturdiest and even when surrounded by bedding it still feel like it could easily topple over not matter how I place the steps. The fact that the steps spin so you can arrange them to best fit your enclosure is a nice touch though and overall they’re doing the job intended and for the price they’re a great addition to my set up.
10/03/19 | Sophie


Only had for a couple of days. My hamster is a chewer, she gnawed on the sides of these steps which is great! Until this evening... when I found a small NAIL sticking up from the wood where she’d chewed. She could have seriously injured herself. Not recommended!!! DO NOT expect this from a product after just a couple days!! The nail was in a weird place too, not holding anything together!!
09/03/19 | Richard

A bit shoddy!

The product is ideal for my Syrian hamster to climb up to another level. However, the quality is pretty shoddy. One of the levels had a sharp staple or nail sticking out, which I’m glad I spotted before putting it in the enclosure. Also, the top level was covered in white mould which was a bit of a worry and needed cleaning off. Some other comments mention it being a bit wobbly but this can be fixed easily by tightening the screws.
08/11/19 | samuel

amazing, must buy!

absolutely awesome.i would 100 percent suggest getting it, my gerbils love it they use it a lot. it is a main feature in the cage it looks great and is always in use. get it if you can because it is amazing part of any cage!
04/17/19 | Sheridan

Quality is good!

Good quality & fast delivery!
03/26/19 | Ella burridge

Great item !

My Syrian hamster loves it ! It’s really sturdy, thick material and a great item.
10/31/18 | Georgina

Very wobbly

This spends most of its time on its side. The rabbits only have to lean on it and it falls over.
10/29/18 | Kate

Good for getting up to another level in the cage

Bought this as a 'ladder' for my guinea pigs to get up to the shelf where I put their food. I had to anchor it to the side bars with a cable tie around one of the logs on the top but it works fine and the piggies love it :)
06/26/18 | Charlotte Lee

My experience

Only giving 4 *'s as my rats don't rate it :( Really great product tho... Was hoping they would have a bit of a chew on it and what not not but they're not really phased by it - it normally ends up on it's side on one of the levels

Syrian hamster

Very good, stable if you position it right, it’s also very big. However, one of the ones I ordered was very dusty but you can just brush it down. Only other thing is that I’m hoping it’s pet safe glue because glue had leaked around the bottom legs.
05/20/17 | Helena

Even suitable for dwarf hamsters, with adaptations!

I bought one for my dwarf hamster - though the description says it's not suitable for them due to the gap between steps (which is correct), I've put a wooden ladder up to the top step, with the boost from a bit of bedding the bottom step is entirely accessible, and the middle one is accessed by jumping down from the top, which she's quite happy to do. It would be perfectly sized for a Syrian or rat. Good value for money!
06/18/16 | Thecrazydegulady

Perfect for Degus!

My girls love these! They look really good with the small log cabin too!
10/09/15 | Jodene

Great for hammies

Ok so this is loads bigger than it looks and wouldn't fit most of the smaller Hamster cages .. however it does fit in the Alexander and my little Pixie loves climbing over it :) great for hiding treats on the different levels too.
04/29/15 | Donna Coulson

Not very stable

Much bigger than in the picture but fits in my Ferplast 120 cage really well. I was impressed with it until I put it in the cage and realised it was not very stable - put some food on the top bit to encourage my two guinea pigs to climb up - one of them put one leg on it and the steps shook and the food fell on his head! Going to try to fix it to the sides of the cage in a couple of places to stabilise it. My guinea pigs are male and quite big but I thought it should have taken their weight.

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