Exposed glue

One of the platforms seems to be barely hanging on and the glue is exposed.
12/23/21 | Andrea Mariet

Sharp nail fixings - Incredibly dangerous item

I have just taken this out while cleaning my mice's cage and there are 2 pointed nails sticking out where they have chewed at the base. Thankfully they don't seem to have been injured but I am horrified by what might have happened had they stood or fallen on the needle-sharp points. This item should not be on the market and pet product manufacturers should not be using dangerous fixings on items aimed at gnawing animals such as hamsters, mice and gerbils.
11/25/21 | Haley


My budgies love it
11/12/21 | Haley

Good value

My budgies love this
11/03/20 | Jude

Arrived broken

One platform completely broken off, large glue spots and large splinters coming off wood so will need to sand and mend before use. Like the design and would be prepared to pay more for better quality.

Cheaply made, too large for dwarf hamsters.

I bought this for my dwarf hamster, but I won't be able to use it. The gaps between the platforms are too large for a dwarf hamster to cross. Also, the product is poor quality: blobs of glue all over the toy, splinters sticking out from the edges, one of the bells didn't even have a knocker on the inside! Overall, poorly made and not suitable for dwarf hamsters. However, this is a very cheap toy, so you get what you pay for I suppose.
10/09/20 | Sophia

Fab. Hamster loves it.

Our hamster loves to climb and explore on her climbing frame. Fab and very cheap.
09/05/20 | Lauren


One of the stand things are broken, still in the packet just completely fallen off:( otherwise would of been fine👎🏼👎🏼

Broken on arrival

One of the platforms was broken on arrival and another had totally snapped off. Very poor quality.Would not buy again.
02/18/20 | Hannah

Arrived broken

Really poorly made, bought for christmas and it arrived broken. Wouldn't recommend at all
04/09/19 | Vikki

Arrived broken

Really disappointed as one of the platforms were broken when it arrived. No point in returning it as it was so cheap
11/21/18 | MillyMolly


The Hamster chewed this and now it has long pointy sharp pieces sticking out. Have had to throw it away
10/10/18 | Judymoo


Nice little toy
10/05/18 | Mollyjo

Does the job!

It's a good little climbing frame for my hammy! She likes to have a nibble on it too!

Broken and sharp

Just got this out of the packet ready to give to my pets and the top two are broken off and the bottom piece of wood sticking out is very sharp
02/26/18 | Andrew

OK and as expected

I read reviews and most mentioned the item being broken. I decided to take the risk and purchased as £2.99 was worth the money. I have spent more from a pet shop which has been a waste of money. My item was broken when I opened it but I glued it back on. Nothing major. Its good as a new and hamster is loving it. I knew there was a high chance the item could be broken but I purchased on that basis and fixed it.

Buy it, NOW

amazing product
01/02/18 | Mrs Brown


item arrived broken unfortunately. Badly constructed and glued together. Tried to mend. Not worth the cost of returning it.

Arrived damaged

This item is great for syrian hamster. Good size. However one of the 3 platforms was broken when taken out of the package.
10/10/16 | Dumpling

The toy is OK...

The toy was well built, or that's what I would say if it didn't arrive broken. My Syrian likes climbing so its sad. Not risking buying another one.

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