05/04/20 | Lauren

Fabulous for my hamsters cage

I ordered this for my Syrian hamster who loves to climb in the cage and this is perfect, it's not too small it's a lot bigger than I was expecting for the price and she seems to like it.

Didn’t last

Hamster chewed through the string holding the central section of the bridge within one week. Doesn’t seem to climb on it much, just slowly working his way through destroying it. Guess it’s keeping him amused!
03/26/19 | Ella burridge


Flimsy but hamster seems to love it !
03/07/19 | Candice

Wooden hanging bridge

Appears to be strong and quite sturdy. Bigger than I initially thought too. Perfect size for a Syrian hamster.
02/07/19 | Kornel

Fragile but pet used it

My hamster loved the toy, used it to get on the upper floor of his cage very often and loved to climb it but it soon broke after 2 weeks of use the holding metal pin fell out and cannot go back into the wood. Unrepairable.
01/29/19 | Heather Neely

Not well made

My rats didn't seem to be interested in it, but that might be just my rats. However within 2 weeks it completely broke.

Hamster scared

was excited to receive this and add it to my hamsters cage, but it arrived to me partly broken. not only is it very unstable (the chains make it swinging around), but the gaps arw very big causing my hamster to be scared of it and causing him to slip through and get his leg caught. will be taking this out and throwing it away.

Midge loves it!

Really inexpensive and lots of fun to watch my girl playing on it. She loves to climb and seems to be enjoining her new toy!

Not for hamster

I have had to separate all the parts as my hamster isn't a fantastic climber like many aren't. He find it difficult to use. I can see the benefit to mice and rats but not hamster.
06/24/18 | Liga

Come broken

Come broken not that money deserves


I had this in my Syrian hamster’s cage for a few months no problems and she loved it. Today, however, I heard load banging coming from her cage and found her dangling from the ladder part of this toy by her leg, frantically trying to get herself out. I managed to loosen it for her and she seems ok now she’s got over the shock of it, but had I not been in to rescue her I think the result could have been a lot worse.


Not safe for hamsters! Last night we found our Syrian hamster caught at the top of this with one the chains wrapped around her leg as she desperately tried to chew through the metal to release herself. We finally managed to unclip the whole thing to untangle her. The vet thinks she could be lucky as the leg does not seem to be broken, thankfully!
04/04/16 | Amelia

Really recommend this for a Syrian!

I brought this for my Syrian hamster to put in her new cage. It came in one piece and was bigger than I thought it would be. I brought this thinking that it might be a little flimsy but it it really good. Considering how much this is, it's the best your going to get. You would need a reasonably large space for it though.

My budgie loves this

i recieved the item today and found it to be bigger then expected. My budgie diamond has been sleeping on it since i put it in his cage. Great value for money
05/26/15 | carly

Degu nibble toy

My 2 degu's enjoyed nibbling this and even caught just sitting on it :)
05/03/15 | katie

great for hamsters!

this toy is great, hangs from the top of any wire hamster cage. large and great for climbing and playing. looks good too. one of the clips to hang was slightly broken when mine arrived, but it can still hang. i will just watch for it falling, i may replace the clip. excellent product for the price!
01/02/15 | terri


I think it is a very good present to give your hamsters but my Syrian kept gnawing at the bars and then kept jumping of on to the week and falling on her back but other than that I that it is great!
07/21/14 | Amy

Great for any small animal,

I got this for my rats, I haven't put it up in the cage yet, but I do have another one like it and my rats love it, great price, well made.

my hamster loves this!!

I bought this for my hamster as a cage filler and never expected her to use it. She loves it! She is constantly walking on it, climbing on it, nibbling it!! The only issue we have had with it is that she has learnt how to unravel and chain from the ladder .it would be useful if the links were more sturdy. Bar that: we love the product!!
06/18/13 | Stephenie Taylor

Great buy

I got his and was really happy with the quality and just how much product you get for your money. It was so big i split the ladders into two toys which was very easy and took 3 seconds. It is now a great chew and climbing toy for my gerbils.

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