Excellent product

Super product, removes smell immediately. Well worth the money.

10/09/21 | Beth

Great stuff!

Smells pleasant and rids of any urine smell unlike anything else I have tried - for the price it’s a must have for pet owners! It has prevented my cat from seeing in the same place which we struggled with using other products.

05/22/20 | Andrei

Does the job

I had given up and was ready to throw the rug away after my cat weed on it and I could not get the smell out even after high pressure wash with plenty of soda. I decided to try one last thing: Trixie. As soon as I finished spraying the area, the smell was gone forever. Very impressed!


Gets rid of odour immediately

One of my cats got stressed and started peeing where he shouldn't. This product got rid of the odours and stains on all surfaces straight away.

08/10/16 | Kim M


This works like magic. Like effort required in comparison to most pet cleaners on the market. All you need to do is spray enough to soak the soiled area & blot after 10 mins. That's it. Stains disappear like magic. Works so well. Generous sized bottle. I have a cat and mainly use this on vomit stains.

07/29/16 | Kelly

This stuff is amazing!

It cleans up messes no problem and smells amazing :).