12/01/21 | Ashton

Cage came broken after 2 weeks delivery

Ordered about 2 weeks ago, and only just delivered. The cage was cracked, also the hole for the stairs is very small. My rabbit can’t even fit through it. Very disappointed in this cage and company for the long delivery and broken cage.

10/16/21 | Mary-louise Bustin

Poor quality

The clasps snapped without much pressure. I can't contact customer service as its German! £100 and I was disappointed. The delivery was good and the actual plastic cage and ramp are of good quality.


Not for guineapigs

Lovey spacious cage, the base rattles a little as the bolts unfasten and when cleaning the wire cage can come apart. I bought this for my guinea pigs but they can’t climb the ramp so I’m left with a massive cage that they can only use half off 🤦🏽‍♀️ Would be a great cage for an animal that could climb the ramp. Iv paid a lot for the cage that I now need to try to sell so I can get another that’s not two tier 🤦🏽‍♀️

03/25/21 | Molly

Extremely hard to clean

When putting the cage together two of the clasps just snapped in my hand and from looking at other reviews on this particular cage on different websites it happens a lot. I love the look of the cage but the bottom tier is impossible to clean. The hole is tiny and to clean you have to take the whole top tier off and basically take the whole thing apart. Really not convenient if you have 3 Guinea pigs as you have clean the cage a lot. The ramp is also very steep.