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This cage is hard to put together because of the confusing instructions . I bought for a rabbit , but will only be using as a baby .My rabbit will be getting a much bigger enclosure after a few months and I don’t think I will use it then .It is quite hard to clean because you have to disassemble the whole cage . It is also hard to put large items in as you are restricted on the amount of space . The door on the bottom level is tiny . I recommend a 4x4ft xpen as they are bigger and cheaper

02/20/21 | julieanne

Complicated to put together

It took 4 of us to figure out how to put this together, the instructions were a waste of time they were so hard to understand, and hooks on the ramp broke off so had to use our own, the only good thing about it is that it looks nice. The other downside is the opening at the bottom is so small no idea how were gonna clean them out :(

01/16/21 | Akira

Disappointing and poorly made

I bought the cage for my rabbits and the bottom layer of the cage corner was broken on arrival and because of this the cage kept falling through the stand almost killing my rabbits.