06/03/22 | Claudia

Excellent features

Super pleased with item not taking as much space than I thought dû to size , rabbits are very happy. Came with necessary accessories. Great size , really needs to give a good look at the position of all the tools cages etc so you can do it nice and sturdy. Easily moved thanks to the wheels, great price too. Saved a good 70£ when I compared prices from other suppliers. I had a lil issue with one of the wheels that could not fit in the square leg but melted it slightly with lighter and fit fine.
05/27/22 | Donna macmillan

Fab cage for are bunny

Was easy to set up we got are first cage from here to was time to upgrade as are bunny 🐰 is growing he only lock away if we not in or in bed as he Rome’s free in house but I sill like him to have room this cage is perfect got within 2 days to
05/14/22 | Kelly

Good size cage for the price and easy to assemble.

I brought this for my mini lop rabbit and she loves it, there's a good amount of floor space for her. The ramp is a little steep, but not so bad she avoides using it. I was even able to close off the hole and use as separate cages when I had to bring another rabbit indoors in an emergency. Only issue I had was one of the hooks for the ramp was broken on delivery. I just put a new hook in and it worked fine.

Really pleased with product

Great home for my 2 bunnies that I need to keep separate until neutered as they are fighting. I was unsure if I should buy it as there's an opening with a ladder and didn't know how I was going to block it off but the ladder tucks up under the bars sealing the gap closed. Very happy i decided to purchase and the girls seem pleased with it too 😊
12/01/21 | Ashton

Cage came broken after 2 weeks delivery

Ordered about 2 weeks ago, and only just delivered. The cage was cracked, also the hole for the stairs is very small. My rabbit can’t even fit through it. Very disappointed in this cage and company for the long delivery and broken cage.
10/16/21 | Mary-louise Bustin

Poor quality

The clasps snapped without much pressure. I can't contact customer service as its German! £100 and I was disappointed. The delivery was good and the actual plastic cage and ramp are of good quality.

Not for guineapigs

Lovey spacious cage, the base rattles a little as the bolts unfasten and when cleaning the wire cage can come apart. I bought this for my guinea pigs but they can’t climb the ramp so I’m left with a massive cage that they can only use half off 🤦🏽‍♀️ Would be a great cage for an animal that could climb the ramp. Iv paid a lot for the cage that I now need to try to sell so I can get another that’s not two tier 🤦🏽‍♀️
03/25/21 | Molly

Extremely hard to clean

When putting the cage together two of the clasps just snapped in my hand and from looking at other reviews on this particular cage on different websites it happens a lot. I love the look of the cage but the bottom tier is impossible to clean. The hole is tiny and to clean you have to take the whole top tier off and basically take the whole thing apart. Really not convenient if you have 3 Guinea pigs as you have clean the cage a lot. The ramp is also very steep.

Guinea pigs new home

The guinea pigs love this new home and have loads of space but I had to make slight adaptations. One of the piggies didn’t like the ramp so I put some sides on the ramp, glued sandpaper squares on the smooth flat bits and made it less steep by using the roof of a small hideaway to rest the end on. It’s perfect for them now.

Please read this review

This cage is hard to put together because of the confusing instructions . I bought for a rabbit , but will only be using as a baby .My rabbit will be getting a much bigger enclosure after a few months and I don’t think I will use it then .It is quite hard to clean because you have to disassemble the whole cage . It is also hard to put large items in as you are restricted on the amount of space . The door on the bottom level is tiny . I recommend a 4x4ft xpen as they are bigger and cheaper
02/20/21 | julieanne

Complicated to put together

It took 4 of us to figure out how to put this together, the instructions were a waste of time they were so hard to understand, and hooks on the ramp broke off so had to use our own, the only good thing about it is that it looks nice. The other downside is the opening at the bottom is so small no idea how were gonna clean them out :(
01/16/21 | Akira

Disappointing and poorly made

I bought the cage for my rabbits and the bottom layer of the cage corner was broken on arrival and because of this the cage kept falling through the stand almost killing my rabbits.

Good buy but needs a few improvements

Sturdy, easy to clean. House shelter needs full cage top removing to be cleaned. Bottom access too small to use 2 hands to get bunny out. To clean bottom needs fully dismantling, great on top as easy to give easy tidy up.
08/29/20 | Natalie

Such good value & great cage

What you get for the price of this is amazing. So much is included. Basicly everything you need. Its a good size. Perfect for one or two mini lop bunny's, who also get other means of exercise or freedom of course.
04/30/20 | Karen Steels


Got my cage today ordered it Monday here on Thursday my piggys love the cage thanks for quick delivery

Happy guinea pigs

So impressed with delivery time and the product ! Much cheaper than other places . Loads of room for my 2 girl guinea pigs .
10/24/19 | Grace

Lovely huge cage

My two guinea pigs love there new massive big cage, it took my partner around one hour to build it.Only one of my guinea pigs will use the ladder in it to go to the bottom level, but hopefully in time they both will.There is plenty of space, and I love the wheels on it it is now so much easier to move around when cleaning etc.Also comes with food bowls,hay racks and water bottles.Well worth the price.
01/13/17 | Gina Kerrigan

Two storey indoor rabbit cage.

This clever indoor cage is on casters which makes it convenient to move about for cleaning etc, or just a change of scenery for your bunnies. There is a good amount of space for two miniature breed rabbits to share, provided they are given additional safe space to exercise in every day. The price is good, metal bars would be sturdier but would increase the price. All in all, a good buy.

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