Great Litter Box

I’ve got 7 of these litter trays and I can’t fault them at all, they do fairly well at keeping smells in and they’re very big and spacious. A lot of the reviews have complained about the door not fitting but after looking at photos from reviews it seems the door isn’t fitting because so many people are putting it on the wrong way, that’s not a fault of the litter tray itself. Good Value for money!


Not worth the money!

Very weak material. At least make the lid (opening) close and thus fit and close properly!

02/15/22 | Diane A

Great litter box

This is a decent size, and it’s nice and deep. Part of the lid is movable, meaning you can clean out any messes without needing to lift the full top half off. 👍🏻

01/08/22 | Glenn Dyer

No longevity

We were initially impressed with these, we bought 2. After about 12 months of normal use, all the clips that secure the top to the base tray have broken off. They are still useable but not as they should be.

11/09/21 | Annelies van Wamel

Nice idea but....

Assembly was straight forward. But you don't need the included carbon filter - because of the angle the flap hangs open inwards all the time allowing odours to freely escape. Yes the opening upwards is handy but what is the point if it hangs open all the time?! Now using it outside.

09/22/21 | M Hawkins

Poor Quality

The litter box arrived cracked. Very flimsy material. The locking device does not fit so the lid does not stay on securely. Not a good buy at all

09/18/21 | Vicki Brown

Absolutely Rubbish

The trays are nice quality but the clips are just pants. They dont click and stay down no matter what you do. Do not pick up by the lid as the bottom just falls off. Do not buy and waste your money.

07/11/21 | Scott


Thanks to April's review on 19/07/2020, i turned the door flap the other way and now it's perfect. I actually quite like the litter box and its high sides.



I have tried various of hooded litter boxes and they were either to big or to small. So I decided to buy 2 Savic Nestor boxes for my 2 cats because they looked good and sturdy and a brilliant price. I am glad I did has they are a perfect size for both my cats. I am very pleased with this product is a win win for me.

05/30/21 | Monika

Broke in less then 2months

It's good because it's big but flap pin broke off in less then 2 months. Not possible to attach the flap now. Rubbish.

02/22/21 | Petra

Excellent and very good value

My cat always used to go outside until he suddenly changed his habits after 10 years. Disappointing enough to have to have an indoor litter tray and then I found he was digging and spreading the litter all over the floor. This covered tray has solved the problem, and it only took him a couple of days to start using it. As others have said, the door hangs perfectly if you hang it what appears to be the wrong way around. The product does not look hugely sturdy but at this price I am very happy.

02/10/21 | Kelly

Poor hooded tray

Yes, this litter tray has a hood and yes, it is accessible to quickly change litter. But no matter which way you hang the door (as other reviews) it does not seal and the stink of poop escapes instantly. Also, hanging the door the opposite way although provides a smaller gap around the edges, looks rubbish. This was a cheap buy to see if our cats would take to a hooded tray. They did, so I’ll be looking for a much better replacement that actually works for those lovely smells :-)

02/07/21 | Mrs P Taylor

Litter tray

I purchased this for my kitten, I've only had this since Christmas it has a crack across the bottom ,I would not recommend this item, as it's for all cats and mine is only 14 weeks old now ,so he is very light and the box doesn't get move just cleaned with soapy water tepid water 😔

01/12/21 | Melanie Dixon


If you think the door doesn't fit properly, turn it around. It's not very clear but one way there is a gap, one way there really isn't! I love that you don't have to take the whole lid off to scoop, I love that the door does fit and the sides clip down well and mostly I live that it doesn't have indentations for feet where the wee collects in clumping litter which makes it much harder to get out. Good price great product!

10/10/20 | Antje

Flap does not close properly

Just as another reviewer mentioned, the door does not close properly and therefore the smell escapes just as it would without the hood. Very disappointed with the product. Waste of carbon filter on top of the hood.

10/09/20 | Donna


My kitten scoops out his litter everywhere in the tray I initially got for him. So I thought this one would be better for him as its hooded. Had to remove the flap as he just sat inside until I lifted it back up. But this is definitely a good litter tray for him. Quite sterdy clip the top onto the bottom using the two clips on either side.

09/26/20 | Sarah

Savic Nestor litter box

Had this litter box for just over a year now and very disappointed it has somehow gained a hole in the bottom of it. Also the door never hung properly so it has never actually 'closed' to keep the smells in. Bit gutted I bought it but now I need to buy a new one I won't be buying the same.


Can't fault it but...

It's not obvious but the door does fit and shut ok if you hang it the other way around. Only thing is I think I'll need a bigger box for my two big cats. Time will tell? I thought it was the same size as my previous box but obviously I didn't check the measurements correctly.

08/12/20 | AngryMunchkin

Can’t believe we have 6 😁

The first order of the litter tray n liners was for 2 hooded trays, the lids came broken due to delivery driver so Zooplus replaced them, they are fabulous and ended up with 2spare trays.. Replaced them after 2years with another 2.. We now have 5cats n due to move to a new house. So have just ordered 5more ready for a fresh tray for them all around the new house and outhouse and catio 😁 We took the doors off as our cats don’t like them.

08/02/20 | C Catling


This product was delivered with parts missing, door broken and clips to keep it together some worked some didin't . I have now requested a refund.