06/02/22 | Titoto

Great but……

It’s a lovely cat tree but it’s really hard to get onto the top deck unless it’s next to something they can use to get up there.


Such a shame

This tree has its merits and it’s flaws. The merits are that it has a nice big stable platform, rather than a bed on top of a pole. It’s also a great height and has comfy perches. I also love the grey colour. However, the tree was clearly designed by someone who was distracted. The den is difficult to reach as my cat has to simultaneously jump up and duck down in order to access it. Also all the levels are within the same space so my cats have to use other furniture to move between the levels.

05/10/22 | Dips

Poor Design - cat struggled

This tree is very poorly designed as my cat (who loves height and can jump quite high) struggled to get to the top bed as the parts are all flush. He fell trying to reach it the first time and banged his head off the square box the second time. He didn't even go near it after that. A good tree should have different levels that stick out. Easy to put together however.

12/18/21 | SMA

Classy and cats love it

Hard to find an all grey cat tree to match our decor. My cats love the top bed and round bed. One star knocked off as other reviews are right, the design means it is difficult for the cats to jump up to the top bed easily. However ours is near other surfaces that allow them to get there so problem solved (sort of, as the nearby surface is the dining table that they are technically not allowed on 🙈)



This is the best tree we’re have had. Cats love it and sleeping in every bit. It’s also so soft and cosy.

04/19/21 | Teresa warner

Very poor design

My cats struggle to jump from one part to another it’s to square not worth the money so it’s just left in the corner they don’t go on it

04/02/21 | Dawn

She loves it!

At first she was a little unsure. As a long cat the posts don't really allow her to stretch properly because the ends are plush. However when she discovered the bed on top she fell in love!! it's now her favourite place to sleep and she's even got used to smaller posts



My kitty is 5kg and this is so sturdy! It's a beautiful colour and great for him to stretch and scratch

07/19/20 | Agnes K

Nox scratching tree

Very good quality tree, plenty of space on top shelf for outgrown cat. Our kitty love it. Price is very good for this quality product.

07/08/20 | Margaret K

Well received as the "new toy" to investigate

Amazing - if I'd waited 2 days I could have saved £10! Still that's how it goes. My cats met this sturdy scratching tree with approval after hubby put it together easliy. Size fits nicely in our conservatory. However - my opinion - it is a shame the scratching tree was not manufactured in Europe.

07/06/20 | Krisztina

Best scratching tree ever!

All of the parts and level are in use. My cats can fit and sleep at every part on/in it. They can fit together at the top too (2 adult cat). The post is so stable and looks so good. It's blueish grey actually.