hard to climb

Its a brilliant tree except for the fact that its a straight vertical climb upwards. The cat is trying to get from the ground to the top of the house box. The platforms on the side dont stick out far enough to give a podium where they can rest before continuing the climb. My cat has to grab the sissal poles with its claws and climb up the poles


A little DIY needed

Overall very good value for money. It was simple to put together. Only giving it 4 stars because on the middle level, the roof of the "house" was pushing in, so I had to put some extra fixings in before I felt it could support the additional bed on top. The existing fixings were just staples and some had not gone in to the roof panel. Luckily some panel pins worked without creating any sharp edges. The staples which hadn't gone in were sharp so I had to make sure to remove them.


Wrong color

I ordered a grey one but got a yellowish so annoying

04/19/21 | Miss Carol Collier

Very disappointed.

After checking the size of the tower which it stated was the same size as the other tower which is pure white and I have had in the past and was brilliant except for the colour white no others, this was supposed to be the exact same measurements but when I received it the top bed was tiny which made the tower useless to me, I checked the measurements again and still they said the same, due to this I can only give this tower 2 stars.


They’ve changed this cat tree

We purchased our second one of these as the first one had seen better days but the legs at the bottom have been changed from scratch posts to covering them in fabric. Doesn’t make sense? Our cats wasted no time in scratching the fabric off and now it is showing patches of cardboard. Bring back the scratch posts please!

02/05/21 | Teresa Lift

La Digue III Cat Tree

Absolutely perfect and my cats love it. They were getting in it and scratching at it before I had finished building it xx

01/05/21 | Ingrid Dubrow

fab tree

brilliant tree went back to get another one to find price hiked up £25 in less than a couple of months!! found one else where for only a minor increase £5 so kids dont get to go without. Bit sharp Zooplus

12/13/20 | Ingrid Dubrow

Seriously impressed

Love it so sturdy, my lot have already expored tit, he top bed needs traffic lights its so popular, can see it lasting a good longt time, unlike another simiular cat tree a bought from a different site that has already fallen apart after only three months and was not that much cheaper.

12/02/20 | Pippa

Sturdy and Large!

This is amazing value for money, its so sturdy and so filled with different places the cat can use. My cat is already sleeping in this. I originally wanted it to give the cat a high hiding place away from the dog and its better than I expected.

12/01/20 | Ingrid Dubrow

Seriously impressed

Ok so it was a bit heavy to lift in off doorstep but so much more robust than anything else I've bought. Last cat tree started to fall apart after barely a month not this one me thinks. Posts twice as thick round and proper solid walled hidey hole. Swapped a couple of posts round so have scratchers at every level. Only been assembled 15 mins and kids already testing it for size. Excellent value.

11/01/20 | KT


I bought this in the sale after thinking about getting a larger tower for a few months & I’m so glad I did. It is very easy to put together & is really good quality. It’s sturdy & my cat already loves it, she went straight into the box. I swapped the posts around so the 4 scratch ones are at the bottom & the cloth ones are in the middle as my cat prefers to use bottom scratch posts.

09/29/20 | Emma

Great for my old cat

I bought this to go alongside my other cat tree as I have 5 cats so need multiple for them, my old cat can’t really use the other as it requires lots of jumping, but this one he absolutely loves, he’s currently sat curled up in the den, Asleep, The quality of the product is amazing, very sturdy and does not wobble !

08/18/20 | Monika

Great addition

It is solid and offers so much to my 2 little monsters. They are still trying to figure out all the levels and options but it is a great addition. Very secure and and easy to build.

07/30/20 | Hayley

Love this tree!!

Thank you Zooplus for such prompt delivery. Ordered on Tuesday night, received today and erected in 20 minutes. Our cat, Mimi, loves it already!! ♥


nice cat tree

Great cat tree, my kitten loves it. He still does not use the top section (i think he is a little scared, he is still a baby) and the hammock at the lower section (seems like he did not get it yet). I would add it is a bit too small for a large felines, doubt mein cun would ever fit it :) Finally, the customer service is absolutely amazing! Had some issues with the original order and it got sorted immediately.

12/29/19 | P Burgess

Not a patch on original!

I bought this to replace the one I had purchased years ago. The cat den is not solid wood, doesn't have padded removable cushion in it which the previous one had. The top cat bed has no removable cushion on it either, it is also smaller than the original one. How do I know this, my poor cat cannot get in the cat den and he hangs over the cat bed, I should have kept the original one just replaced covering and bought replacement posts, that wouldn't have cost me much more than this one did!!!

12/20/19 | Karen Pilkington

Excellent for Big Cats

I have a Bengal cross Ragdoll who is a very big boy. I also have a Maine Coon Kitten who is ,8 months old and he is massive. They absolutely love it. I don't walk in now to the scratching tree lying on the floor. They are never off it.

10/25/19 | Claire Farrier


I have just received this, and put i together with my daughter. Lucy explored it straightaway, and loves every part of it, the house, the paw platform and the bed at the top. And she can play with the hanging balls just by stretching a paw, no great effort, which suits her just fine. I hope I can now have my comfortable chair back, which was her choice of bed up to now.

10/19/19 | Judite

Great tree

Very good quality and strong for heavy cats. My 3 cats love it

10/17/19 | Sarah Evans

Well made.

This is solid wood really lovely material and sturdy best one iv bought.