05/25/22 | Sarah

Much too small even for my kitten

Wish I never brought it as way too small

05/24/22 | Toby

Not the best

Falls over when they play with it. They enjoyed the bouncing balls but soon got bored with it. The more traditional shaped one is more popular with our cats.

05/17/22 | Rmma

Kittens love tjis

Typical it's nearly half the price I paid now but a bargain at full cost. My 2 ragdoll kittens have loved this from the minute I put it together. They were daunted by the big cat trees wd have but this is perfect for them, even our big maine coon likes it, would definitely recommend fir kittens.



Great toy great price

03/03/21 | Emma

Lovely little scratch post

My kitten loves it and is always climbing to the top and loves the pom pom balls, especially the jingley noise they make.. Fantastic product and so cheap

09/29/20 | Emma

Good quality

I was really shocked at how good this product is, especially for the price, my blind kitten loves it as it jingles 🤣 so she can play with it, it’s also a suitable size for her

08/27/19 | Linda hoal

Great little toy for kittens

Top bits did fall off however I did manage to stick them back on with superglue.

07/19/19 | Julie Burton


This is a really sweet "first scratching post" for a little kitten. My naughty torti named Cherry loves it. Unfortunately within a very short space of time it broke. The stitching on one of the fluffies completely unravelled so that the stuffing fell out as did the tiny bell. I would never leave a kitten alone with toys so luckily I saw exactly what happened and took the broken piece away from her. I contacted Zooplus straight away and they very kindly refunded the price.


Great toy

Kittens love this, and even their mummy had a go. However, it is not blue and pink, but blue and purple. Very pretty anyway. Loses one star because one of the bells did not jingle and it's quite light and can be knocked over. Still recommended. Will have to see how long it lasts, but at that price can replace every few months if necessary.

01/27/19 | Edyta


I highly recommend everyone, my cats love this cat tree