06/17/22 | Red ruby

The best for large cats

I’ve bought far to many cat trees for my four cats and spent a lot and not been happy with them until I found this one.!! Honestly it a beautiful looking and very strong and yes even my chihuahuas use it!!


Great looking tree, if a little rough around the edges!

I’ve had my eye on this tree for a while, but let’s face it, it’s not cheap. We have had two flower cat trees from zooplus in the past and as with those, this one stood out as it’s a bit more aesthetically pleasing than the usual ‘fluffy’ trees. The finish is a bit rough on the baskets which is disappointing for the price. But very sturdy and big enough for our 5.5kg chunk and a large 10 month old kitten! Our cats aren’t bothered about chewing it so that’s just luck of the draw I think!

02/16/22 | Kat

Very sturdy but wrecks easy

All cat trees get heavy duty use at my home and this one looks really good once its built. Its very sturdy for the heaviest of cats but they are so attracted to the basket areas that they simply use them as scratch pads and wreck them. Then to cap it all off they thought the lowest bed was a litter tray. Great. Not.

06/06/21 | Claire

Too easy to destroy

This arrived in perfect condition and is really chunky and robust. In fact it looked stunning when first purchased. However my Ragdolls very quickly and systematically shredded every single strand of weave from the top basket, before moving onto the others which I think they thoroughly enjoyed. Within around 4-5 months however, it was only fit for my local tip. I wish I’d taken photos.

05/22/21 | Paula Kendrick

Burnt wood cat tree

Reading other reviews I thought I would be getting a great cat tree, very disappointed . The baskets are very Bradley made and bits keep constantly flaking off, the hood that goes on top was dented and the wood platform it stands on had a large chip in it.

04/17/21 | teresa farr

as good as it looks

really happy with it - very sturdy - easy to put together - we did juggle the beds around as one other cats is 15 now - and did not want it to tall for the area - only issue a little big for the area but still happy - little worried at how long the wicker may last and would have been better if the cushions could have been covers for washing - other than that both cats have use two beds xt

03/22/21 | Karin


Good cat tree initially. Sturdy and pleasing to look at. After having it for 3 months my 9 month old kitten decided to deconstruct the basket at the top of the tree resulting in basket weave all over the house as she would run about with the bits as if they were prizes! Won't be long till there is nothing left of said top basket. One of my other cats refuses to go near it. Wouldn't purchase again.

01/31/21 | Anna

suprisingly great!

After reading such mixed reviews of this tree I was hesitant whether to buy it but couldn't findanything with natural looking dark wood. Cats did not jump on it straight away like on the xl paradise one but after a few days all 3 were lovibg it :-)


Ollie's Sun Spot

So happy with this purchase and was considering another for upstairs but seems product not available for a while and sale price with no doubt be over by then. Basically I've become an orphan since it's gone up as Ollie is pretty much up there non stop and hasn't slept on my bed since it arrived :( He LOVES it! So do I! It's very sturdy and aesthetically gorgeous. I would highly recommend as I'm sure it will last for a long time to come


Looks great but cats wreck it

Look very posh and sturdy but the cats here had the top covered area wrecked within weeks and totally destroyed not with bits of basket everywhere. They also thought the lowest level was a posh litter box!

05/05/20 | Rebecca Brown

Looks Fantastic

This cat tree went together really easily and looks amazing in my living room, it feels like a piece of furniture rather than just a cat tree. The kitties love climbing all over it, but they don't like the cushions, our tiny kitten puts one paw on them and then makes a beeline round the outer edge of the basket, as soon as I wrapped the cushions in blankets she was happy to use all the pods.


Not holding up to the test of time...and my crazy cats.

I purchased mine on 28/04/18. You could say it had a good life and been very well-loved by my cats. Both of them use it daily, but the beautiful woven texture is something they love to claw. I've been finding pieces of it around the living room for a few months, while it looks mostly intact still it's definitely got clear signs of wear and some little gaps where they've massacred it. The top ball is also very sunbleached from being in the window.

05/09/19 | Dovile

Amazing quality

I purchased this 2-3 years ago and it's still in a perfect shape and condition. It's made from very good material and also looks great in the room. My baby cat loves it :) Would definitely recommend it!


looks good

This cat tree looks good, tallest basket is a bit wobbly and every time the cat jumps in it hits the wall and marks it, i wanted something sturdy that looked good and would last, but the top basket was trashed after only 6 months, it looked great until one cat discovered he could sit on top and literally claw the top of the basket to shreds, such a shame they don't sell replacement beds as now i must throw away the whole thing, as it looks awful!

01/16/18 | Alex

Big enough

I bought this cat tree for my nine-month-old kitten, he is quite big. My kitten sleeps very well, he has plenty space to move while he is asleep. The only aspect that disappoints is the fact that the material is made of (water-hyacinth) is not very resistant, is not £100 worth. When I was assembling the whole tree, the baskets' material was coming off very easily.

01/01/18 | Stephen

Great product!

After reading some of the more negative reviews, I was a little hesitant to by this. However, it’s actually a great cat tree! It’s very easy to assemble and pretty sturdy. I’d recommend leaning the taller of the post against a wall, as it does wobble slightly when the cats jump onto it. This is more to make the cats feel secure, rather than it posing any threat of collapse! The baskets are a good size too. However, the material does flake slightly when scratched.


Looks Great - Lasts 5mins

I loved the look of this Cat Tree. I thought being wood and woven basket it would last longer than the fluffy chipboard covered ones. Well within 1 week the baskets had been clawed to shreds. The overall wood part has lasted, but theres no option to purchase Replacement Baskets. So you have to basically rebuild them yourself.


Beautiful, Quality product

My cats love these baskets and the climbing tree and it is sturdy and beautiful in my living room. Very straightforward assembly for me. Well worth the extra money, instead of those wobbly ugly beige fleece ones we had previously. I have replaced the pillows, as one of my cats hates them - he prefers firm floors. As soon as I took them out, he sighed with relief and snuggled up in the top basket and went to sleep :)

12/03/16 | Debbie

Love it.

Fantastic product. Bought this tree to replace the cat tree we had in the conservatory but due to the style and quality of this product it has ended up staying in our living room. All the cats love it, even our ginger boy who doesn't usually sleep in cat beds has taken to sleeping in the bottom basket. Our Bengal has claimed the hooded basket and is regularly found either sleeping in or sat on top survey his kingdom. excellent value for money.

10/30/16 | Carole Langham

Alnakeed cattery

Bought These cat trees 2 months ago. They have been the worst buy ever as they are in tatters now with my cats scratching the rattan beds. Look good but a complete Waste of money.