05/15/22 | SM

Walkway scratch mat

Had same issue as previous poster. The walkway scratcher which is meant to connect from the bottom to the middle platform was too short (appears to have been stitched on the wrong way round) and couldn't be attached. Also the corresponding hole to secure the screw was too far back so not able to attach the 'ladder' walkway which was disappointing. No parts were labelled either so instructions were only part useful. Have purchased this before with no issues so seems I got a poorly made one time.

08/06/21 | Pom

Sturdy and comfy tree

It’s easy to build this cat tree. The material is very soft and comfy. My cat is still a kitten so he’s getting to learn how to climb! It’s so sturdy as well, great purchase.

03/07/21 | Chloe

Mostly good, but a few parts not very well made

A lovely cat tree at first glance. When putting together, the scratch mat from the base to the second layer doesn’t reach at all. We tried all sorts of angles and ways but didn’t work. The den also didn’t have a hole in the fabric to get the attachment through to fasten to the post - and when you make a hole, the cat then has to lay with the cap of the metal attachment sticking out. We put the scratching posts on the bottom layer and the fabric on the top, which worked better for our cat

12/27/20 | Kalinka


Really good quality! Easy to build, amazing for the price!

10/19/20 | Pam Braine

Bear den cat tree

Misty the cat has never been of this from 3 weeks loves it a must buy. We have brought other ones before but this is far the best. Even goes in the Hammock. Pretty easy to put together. The other one's were a lot bigger.

10/09/20 | Sally Delbridge


One post missing so cant build! Emailed customer service and whilst waiting decided to keep building as far as I could go until hopefully replacement post is sent. On doing so I realise the ladder at the bottom is far too short to reach underneath the upper part! Also one of bottom fabric posts are ripped! Awaiting a refund to buy something better!

09/20/20 | Liz Cormell

Not practical

I had to cut off the material from the lower posts as my foster cat kept getting her claws stuck in it when using it as a scratch post. I’ve also only had it for 8 months and it is already looking very shabby on the slope, with the edging pulling off it. The 3 sleeping areas are well used though.

09/06/20 | Francis Greenaway

Good quality, dubious design choice

We bought this to replace our Bear Dens Tree of 5 years. There are good and bad things about this version. The good is that the design quality is great, it is sturdy and our cats love it. The bad is the dubious design choice to replace the lower pillars with fabric. Our original had all the pillars as scratching rope, this doesn't. Which is crazy as the bottom pillars get scratched the most. These will get ruined quickly; had I looked more closely I might not have bought this in the end.

08/17/20 | M bagnall / Ball

Very good value for money..Worth every penny!

It only took me 25 mins to put together. Seems sturdy so far.I looked at the zooplus website picture, and built it up that way..Only problem I had ,was at the bottom, hammock like thing,would not quiet stretch to screw in, so left it lose .The instructions that came in the box where quiet small .Just one sheet ..My cat went straight to the top and stayed there! Happy 👌.


Sturdy and looks great

My cat took to this right away and I love the colour, it looks very stylish and is sturdy and easy to put together. The only flaw for me is that the bottom posts aren't scratching posts, because most cats will prefer the steady footing of the ground to then scratch. No point in having the higher up poles be scratching posts. I've had this 2 weeks and my cat has ripped through the fabric on the bottom poles trying to scratch them. So I will probably get some rope to wrap around those instead.

05/14/20 | Oana Vremaroiu

I would definitely recommend! Very nice

Very sturdy. Bigger and better than expected actually. I would definitely recommend!

08/21/19 | Barbara Smith

Great cat tree.

Found it easy to put together as I had a previous bear cat tree (4 paw version) which Ged and Willow loved. Both have fully investigated the new tree and Ged is currently asleep in it.

02/13/19 | Tracy Humphreys

It's lasted 6yrs

If it's the same quality this has been a brilliant buy. My two are quite small so for bigger cats I'm not sure how long the bowl part of it would last, which they fight over.... annoying that you can't take it off to wash it, but I give it a good brush they don't mind. They've never really used the thing they can go into, nosey buggers like to have a look around


Proving poular

Robust, easy to assemble and much enjoyed by our two energetic Burmese girls. They squabble over the hammock! Great to have lots of scratching posts too.

11/27/18 | Jenny

Bears Den Cat Tree

2nd one of these purchased. The first one extremely robust and good quality but this one is the exact opposite. The top bed is baggy the base being a flimsy velour with no padding, the scratch matting is like an army obstacle course net which is not taught and the bottom support posts are now covered in velour not sisal for scratching. An absolute waste of money!

09/02/18 | Verity

BRILLIANT! Kittens adore it!

This was the best purchase I've made! I recently brought home 2 new kittens and I was nervous they wouldn't use it. They absolutely LOVE it. They sleep on the top platform and use the scratching posts, as well as chasing each other up and down the entire structure. It is a complete joy to watch them play on this thing. It was also really easy to set up, and looks great in the living room. They love to watch the world go by out the window. Highly, highly recommend!


Poor quality

This is the second Bears Den I have had but the first one was much better quality and lasted much longer. I will not order this again unless the quality changes.

03/12/18 | Anne

Easy to assemble, attractive cat tree

This lovely cat tree is made of nice quality materials and is so easy to put together. No screwdrivers etc needed, just use the allen key provided. Took me about 20 minutes. Easy to reconfigure into different designs. Cat has had an initial explore and scratch - then went straight for the hidey-hole - which he just about fits in with his paws dangling out (he's quite a big cat!). It'll take a bit of time but I think he'll be very happy with it!

01/06/17 | Dusty and Hunky

poorly made

My cats loved this however the material was of poor quality the fleece covering shreds/moults and my kittens mouths were always full of fluff. They also chewed the side of the house and the tree only lasted 6 months before throwing it away.

09/11/16 | Sue Hailwood

Every home should have one......

Wish I'd bought this earlier as it would have stopped kitten demolishing the 15year old spider plant !! Excellent product, it's quite big, but worth every penny to keep one very active kitty occupied and give 4 very tolerant dogs a rest. Very easy assembly.