English instructions please!

Received this item today. Unfortunately the instructions are all written in German. If I didn’t have access to the internet again today I wouldn’t have any idea how to use this spray. Don’t know how affective it will be but keeping my fingers crossed.

01/27/21 | Jenny Foster

Works perfectly but need to understand some things about fleas!

Do not spray your pet directly with this or anything but put it on your hands first and rub it on. This works well, it has a mild smell which is not unpleasant and it does work. it doesn't stop fleas breeding which they do all the time and need to sweep up everywhere and change bedding, etc. I use this spray and a good quality diamatacous earth for the bedding and corners etc. where they breed (in carpets AND on hard surfaces) and coconut butter with lemongrass and cedarwood oils on their fur.

12/30/20 | Alice Harding

This works very well

It's not a good idea to spray your pet directly as another reviewer has done. It will feel cold and is likely to spook them quite badly as something like that is too much like a snake spitting at them which of course they hate. Just spray it on your hands and rub it on their fur all over. It has a smell that is quite pleasant and a million times nicer that neem which I never had great results with.

10/28/20 | Donna

Probably not for cats

I too relied on the reviews, and tried for the third time to use this on my cats--it has been a dismal failure. First time I tried direct spraying, which scared them both so much they hid for the entire day. The second and third time I sprayed the solution on a flanel and tried to directly apply it to their coats. The smell seems to be so offensive that they again ran from me and hid. It wouldn't be so bad if the treatment worked, but if anything they have been scratching even more.

10/06/20 | Sherry Chandler

A very useful product and affordable

I have 3 cats and although de-flead regularly with a reputable product my female also struggles with skin allergies. I bought some of this to see if it would help as she was scratching particularly around her head & neck to the point of lesions. She doesn't mind me putting this on her, it has a slight odour but it isn't unpleasant. It has made enough of a difference, for me to buy a 2nd bottle, I'm happy to recommend it.

09/05/20 | Bronte Roberts

Total waste of money

I was desperate to find some way to soothe my dogs itchy feet which was caused either by allergies or reaction to mites. Vets only offer steroids which I refuse to use. I tried it based on reviews. Total waste of money. I thought it smelled of neem oil which is very unpleasant but does have some action against parasites but when I finally found the ingredients it's basically water, fats and sugar. There's absolutely no way this does anything other than make a mess of your pets coat.

11/01/19 | Mihaela Ilie


I have just got this product,because of so many good reviews,I’m excited to use it on my little dog,my only concern is why I should consult the vet before using if is chemical free and ,non toxic..? Should be just fine right? And guys you have the information about the product here on the zooplus doesn’t bother me not having a product translation

09/14/19 | Sophie

Worked for the dogs horses AND rats

This spray is so easy to use and has such an unusual but mild scent. The dog is outside since we have land and has picked up fleas multiple times, his fur is so silky and soft not to mention he is easier to groom and the spray is a great final touch to keep the fleas and flies off my boy. We even tried it on a horse we had that was prone to mites, calmed the skin and soothed my boy. No more stomping from irritation. Very happy animals and lovely soft coats

03/28/19 | Andrea

My pets can't live without it!

This is the only spray that works for both my cat and dog. My dog's hair is growing back. It takes months to get rid of a flea infestation, you need to continue to use this spray plus hoover every day. Wash all of your beddings a couple of times a week. Hang in there!


Works well, smells not too bad

I've been using the spray on our dog because nothing else is working plus her skin is looking infected with bald patches. Also, going to the vet has been a waste of time and money. Too soon to tell but so far our dog stopped scratching and I can see dead fleas around her sleeping area. Her skin is also looking better. Fingers crossed!

10/07/18 | Anthony Doull


A waste of money, if anything it made the itching worse.

09/16/18 | Anna Iremonger

No good.

None of my cats wants to be sprayed with this, it gets them wet! I managed after a lot of effort, just to find out that it only kills those fleas which get bathed in it. It neither affects eggs, nor larvae, nor any living flea which is not directly hit. Afterwards my cats were still scratching, but none of them wanted to come near me for fear I might wet them again!

12/23/17 | Hazel Laughlan

Allergic flea demititis eliminator!!

Both my cats suffer from it and vet said it was impossible to cure... well this spray certainly helps a lot...and for those that don't like the smell...treat your pets to some catnip to roll in....flea free and in kitty heaven. I agree I would have liked instructions in English!

09/03/17 | boo boo

Exner Petguard Spray Treatment

With 5 cats ranging in age from 12-1years old we have tried countless flea remedies without success. After one day of use we have seen a drastic improvement in the scratching and itching of our cats. There was no difficulty applying the product,they seemed happy like when being groomed. Slight smell but not disliked be me or my cats,after the product had dried the slow moving or dead fleas are easily removed, and all five cats fur coats are in pristine condition.Highly recommend this product.

08/11/17 | Julie B

Nice concept but it did not work

This product concept is lovely but it simply did not work well. Daily spraying for a week was upsetting for my cats and then weekly to maintain was simply stressful all round. Have reverted back to monthly drops which work far better, is less hassle and certainly less stressful. Expected to have instructions in more than one language. Would not recommend or use again.

03/02/17 | Justyna

didn't work

at least for my cats, this one didn't work at all. fleas remained on my 2 cats until we changed properties and they were unable to go out.

02/28/17 | Neil

Like it but no English on product at all

Why isn't there any English on the product or a separate sheet with details of the product usage etc...?

07/28/16 | Julie Robinson

Best Flea treatment ever

I have been using the exner spray on my dogs for four years now and it really does work. No more nasty spot on for my pooches <3

05/05/16 | Geoff


Smells horrible and feels sticky. It may get rid of fleas on the animal but I don't think it prevents them returning once dry. Sorry a waste of money.

10/19/15 | Saysi


All previous usual chemical spot on treatments were not only disliked by the cats but I disliked putting such strong chemicals on them. This time usual spot ons have not worked so bought this. Worried the cat would have a fit when I sprayed her as she HATES the spot ons so much but to my surprise she went calm and sat while I rubbed it gently around her neck where her fleas are and she 'agreed' with me continuing to spray more and she just layed down and relaxed..no scratching. I later found sleepy slow moving fleas on the cream cover she was on..easy to pick up and remove. I do not know if eggs will hatch out on her as yet but it is recommended to use it daily for a week or less if not needed..it rubs in gently and the spray doesn't scare my sensitive cats as it is weak and wetting rather than noisy ..I cannot believe this has been so happily tolerated and it is working! YAY!! It does have a smell but ! don't find it unpleasant and neither do my cats!