Smaller than stated

The bag looks great, has handles and a shoulder strap for easy carrying and seems quite sturdy. However, the measurements given are wrong! It is much smaller than stated, so our 5 kg cat barely fits in it. The length is given as 43cm but is actually 40cm. Very disappointed.

05/19/21 | David Vigor

Looks good but....

We brought this to replace an old Zooplus carrier that has served it's time. They are not made as well anymore. Very plush and rigid but it's so small you couldn't get a large cat in it, ours is 5Kg and he barely fitted. The end webbing is made of nylon and our cat took one bite and was clean through it, damaged beyond use in 10 minutes. If you have a small cat that doesn't mind being in a carrier then it's a nice bag but other than that I would look elsewhere, while I start the search again.