12/31/21 | Simon L


Very disappointed with the quality of the cage, arrived today, open the end to remove it and the cage is rusty and the paint peeling. There appears to be no primer under the paint as you can see in the attached picture. Would be better just galvanized and not painted. Not even bothered getting it out of the box, returned for an exchange, see if the next one is any better


Difficult to assemble. Puppies trip on the bottom. Paw caught on mechanism

This is not well made. I have purchased other models before this Savic one. The puppies have gotten their paws caught in the bottom wire upstand and squealed in pain in their rush to get out to toilet. On another occasion I closed the mechanism on my dogs paw as I was shorting it and she squealed in pain The cage was difficult to assemble, with the instructions deep inside the cage so they were unusable I have not had these issues with other brands. Waste of money