If you have got a puppy this is no good its dangerous my pup got her mouth trapped in between the bars

11/24/21 | Vix

Poorly made

Not happy with this crate at all. The metal on it is so sharp.we have scratched ourselves a few times on it. Can't use it properly now as scared pup will get hurt on these bars and packaging etc was thrown away as didn't realise at first 😢


Awful Quality

Do not waste your time or money on this abomination! It is made from the cheapest, thinest metal possible and the plastic base is so thin its a joke. If my 6 month old puppy hadn't damaged it on the second night I would be returning it. Zooplus, you should be ashamed to sell such an atrocious product!


Disappointing (XL size)

This item is the first ever product I have ordered from zooplus and I am returning (and I buy loads!). The build quality is poor, the door has to be lifted up to align the catches to close it. I have the Trixie plastic crates for in the car and am really pleased with them, sadly this is nowhere near the same quality. Perhaps its just the XL crate that is so flimsy and poorly built.